malevolent child

Bad Ronald (1974)

‘A disturbed teenager unleashes a night of terror’ Bad Ronald is a 1974 American TV movie directed by Buzz Kulik (Crawlspace, 1971) from a screenplay by Andrew Peter Marin. It is based on a novel by Jack Holbrook Vance, who… Read More ›

Let’s Be Evil (2016)

‘Evil see. Evil do.’ Let’s Be Evil is a 2016 British science fiction horror film directed by Martin Owen (L.A. Slasher) from a screenplay co-written with Elizabeth Morris and Jonathan Willis. IFC Midnight distributed the film in the US via video on demand from… Read More ›

The Children (2008)

‘You brought them into the world. They will take you out’ The Children is a 2008 British horror thriller film written and directed by Tom Shankland (WΔZ), based on a story by Paul Andrew Williams. It stars Eva Birthistle, Stephen Campbell… Read More ›

Satanic (2016)

‘They unleashed the ultimate evil’ Satanic is a 2016 American horror film directed by Jeffrey Hunt (Sleepy Hollow; The Vampire Diaries) from a screenplay by Anthony Jaswinski (Backwoods; Kristy; The Shallows) for Circle of Confusion and Marvista Entertainment. Magnet Releasing are initially distributing… Read More ›

The Children (1980)

‘… Pray you never meet them!’ The Children – aka The Children of Ravensback – is a 1980 American horror film co-produced and directed by Max Kalmanowicz from a screenplay by co-producer Carlton J. Albright (Luther the Geek) and Edward Terry. Harry Manfredini provided the… Read More ›