mad scientist

Spiders 2 (2001)

‘They’re back… and this time they’re breeding mad!’ Spiders 2 – aka Spiders 2: Breeding Ground – is a 2001 science fiction horror directed by action-specialist Sam Firstenberg from a screenplay by Stephen David Brooks (Spiders; The Mangler) and co-producer Boaz… Read More ›

The Doll (2016)

‘This is not child’s play.’ The Doll is a 2016 science fiction horror film written and directed by Susannah O’Brien (Encounter) for her company Sahara Vision Productions. The movie’s working title was His Doll. Main cast: Mindy Robinson, Ron Jeremy, Lilian… Read More ›

A Werewolf in the Amazon (2005)

A Werewolf in the Amazon is a 2005 Brazilian supernatural horror film directed by Ivan Cardoso (The Seven Vampires; The Secret of the Mummy; Nosferato in Brazil) from a screenplay by Rubens Francisco Luchetti, Evandro Mesquita and Flávio de Souza. The film’s original title… Read More ›

The Devil Commands (1941)

‘Karloff turns killer in a horror-crammed thriller!’ The Devil Commands is a 1941 American horror film directed by Edward Dmytryk (Captive Wild Woman; Bluebeard) from a screenplay by Robert Hardy Andrews and Milton Gunzburg, based on William Sloane’s novel The Edge of… Read More ›