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Spiders 2 (2001)

‘They’re back… and this time they’re breeding mad!’ Spiders 2 – aka Spiders 2: Breeding Ground – is a 2001 science fiction horror directed by action-specialist Sam Firstenberg from a screenplay by Stephen David Brooks (Spiders; The Mangler) and co-producer Boaz… Read More ›

The Doll (2016)

‘This is not child’s play.’ The Doll is a 2016 science fiction horror film written and directed by Susannah O’Brien (Encounter) for her company Sahara Vision Productions. The movie’s working title was His Doll. Main cast: Mindy Robinson, Ron Jeremy, Lilian… Read More ›

Needlestick (2016)

‘Cross your heart. Hope to die.’ Needlestick is a 2016 American horror thriller film written, produced and directed by Steven Karageanes, making his feature debut. Veteran genre composer Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th and sequels) provided the movie’s score. Cinematographer Bryan Greenberg’s… Read More ›

A Werewolf in the Amazon (2005)

A Werewolf in the Amazon is a 2005 Brazilian supernatural horror film directed by Ivan Cardoso (The Seven Vampires; The Secret of the Mummy; Nosferato in Brazil) from a screenplay by Rubens Francisco Luchetti, Evandro Mesquita and Flávio de Souza. The film’s original title… Read More ›

The Devil Commands (1941)

‘Karloff turns killer in a horror-crammed thriller!’ The Devil Commands is a 1941 American horror film directed by Edward Dmytryk (Captive Wild Woman; Bluebeard) from a screenplay by Robert Hardy Andrews and Milton Gunzburg, based on William Sloane’s novel The Edge of… Read More ›

The Killer Eye (1998)

‘Terror vision…’ The Killer Eye is a 1998 American science fiction comedy horror film directed by David DeCoteau (Creepozoids; Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy; Evil Exhumed) using the pseudonym Richard Chasen. The screenplay was by Neal Marshall Stevens [as Benjamin Carr] (Thir13en… Read More ›