Seoul Station (2016)

Seoul Station – Korean: 서울역 – is a 2017 animated South Korean zombie horror film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. The movie is a prequel to Sangho’s much-praised 2016 film Train to Busan. It features the voices of Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung… Read More ›

The Wailing (2016)

The Wailing is 2016 South Korean horror thriller film written and directed by Na Hong-jin about a policeman who teams up with shaman and a mysterious woman to investigate mysterious killings and illnesses. Originally titled: 곡성(Hangul); 哭聲 (hanja); Gokseong (RR), it was a commercial success… Read More ›

The Silenced

The Silenced – 경성학교: 사라진 소녀들 (gyeong-seong-hag-gyo: sa-la-jin so-nyeo-deul) – is a 2015 South Korean horror film directed by Lee Hae-Young. It stars Park Bo-Young, Uhm Ji-Won and Park So-Dam. The film was formerly known as Gyeongseong School: The Lost Girls. Plot teaser: In 1938, a girl,… Read More ›

Cello (2005)

Cello (Korean: 첼로) is a 2005 South Korean horror film directed by Lee Woo-cheol and starring Sung Hyun-ah, Park Da-an and Jeong Ho-bin. Plot Teaser: After surviving a terrifying car accident that killed her best friend, Mi-ju longs for a peaceful and stable life as… Read More ›

Ghastly (2011)

Ghastly – original title: 기생령) aka “Gisaeng Spirit” – is a 2011 South Korean horror film directed by Ko Seok-jin from a screenplay by Kim Yoo-ra. Its stars Eun-jeong Han, Hyomin and Min-woo No. Plot: After his parents are murdered, Bin is taken into the care of relatives…. Read More ›

Mourning Grave (2014)

Mourning Grave (Hangul: 소녀괴담; RR: Sonyeogoedam; literally. “Girl Ghost Story”) is a 2014 South Korean comedy horror film directed by Oh In-chun. It stars Kang Ha-neul and Kim So-eun. It was released domestically on July 3, 2014. Plot: Though it is… Read More ›