insect horror

Stung (2015)

‘Get inside. Get away. Just don’t get…’ Stung is a 2015 American-German comedy horror film directed by Benni Diez (Galaxy of Horrors: “Kingz” segment). The cast includes Matt O´Leary (Santa Clarita Diet; Frailty; Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire), Jessica Cook, Peter… Read More ›

Bugged (1997)

‘They’re urban, they’re vermin, and they exterminate you!’ Bugged – aka Bugged! – is a 1997 American science fiction comedy horror film co-produced, written and directed by Ronald K. Armstrong. The film was released on VHS and DVD by Troma Entertainment and now crops… Read More ›

Bite (2015)

‘This may sting a little’ Bite is a 2015 Canadian horror film directed by Chad Archibald (Kill; The Drownsman; Ejecta) from a screenplay written by Jayme Laforest. It was produced by Black Fawn Films in association with Breakthrough Entertainment. Cast: John Migliore, Derrek… Read More ›

Ænigma (1987)

Ænigma is a 1987 [released 1988] Italian horror film directed by Lucio Fulci (Zombie Flesh Eaters; City of the Living Dead; The Beyond) from a screenplay co-written with Giorgio Mariuzzo. Main cast: Jared Martin, Lara Naszinski, Ulli Reinthaler, Sophie D’Aulan, Jennifer… Read More ›

Horrorpedia Facebook Group

Open up your mind for everyone’s dissection and delectation! There is now a Facebook Group for Horrorpedia users/followers. Sign up and have your say about all things horror related! Post anything and everything about horror, sci-fi, cult and exploitation movies… Read More ›