infection horror

Black Wake – USA, 2017

‘Hell is coming to us’ Black Wake is a 2017 science fiction found footage horror film directed by Jeremiah Kipp (60 Seconds to Die ‘Monster’; The Sadist; The Pod) from a screenplay co-written with Jerry Janda and Carlos Keyes, inspired by H.P…. Read More ›

Number 13 – Canada, 2017

‘A disease called humanity’ Number 13 is a Finnish-Canadian science fiction horror feature film directed by Antti-Jussi Annila (Don’t Come After Me; Sauna) from a screenplay co-written with Iiro Küttner and Doug Taylor. Northern Canada, the dead of winter, and some scientists studying… Read More ›

Summer Camp – Spain/USA, 2015

‘Ready for some fun?’ Summer Camp is a 2015 Spanish-American horror film directed by Alberto Marini (co-executive producer of [Rec] and sequels; Sleep Tight) from a screenplay co-written with Danielle Schleif (The Condemned). It stars Diego Boneta, Jocelin Donahue, and Maiara Walsh. Four… Read More ›

Scent – USA, 2016

Scent is a 2016 American science fiction horror film directed by The Existentialist from a screenplay by Franz Kafka. The film stars Di Billick, George Ginakakis, Stephanie Grote, Jeremy Pereira, Marie Weigle, John Byrnes. A mysterious contagion plagues humanity. Its symptom: lust,… Read More ›

On the Brain – USA, 2016

‘Death is certain, life is not.’ On the Brain is a 2016 American infection zombie horror film produced and directed by Kevin Van Stevenson from a screenplay by producer Brandon Trask for Goreella Media. Main cast: Danny Hansen, Frankie Ray, Shenik Taylor, Amy Waller, Jonathan… Read More ›