hospital horror

Autopsy – USA, 2008

‘Evil cuts both ways.’ Autopsy is a 2008 American horror feature film directed by Adam Gierasch (Tales of Halloween segment; Fractured; Night of the Demons; plus many horror screenplays). The movie stars Jessica Lowndes, Ross Cohn, Ross McCall, Ashley Schneider and Robert Patrick. Five friends enjoy… Read More ›

Asylum of Fear – USA, 2017

Asylum of Fear is a 2017 American supernatural horror film co-produced and directed by Craig Deering from a screenplay and story co-written with Allen Murphy and Karen Deering. The Evil Iguana production stars Maurice Demus, Michael Medford and Callie Stephens. When a team of… Read More ›

Basket Case 2 – USA, 1990

‘This time he’s not alone.’ Basket Case 2 is a 1990 American comedy horror film written and directed by Frank Henenlotter (Bad Biology; Frankenhooker; Brain Damage). The Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment production stars Kevin Van Hentenryck, Annie Ross and Kathryn Meisle. A further sequel, Basket Case 3: The Progeny,… Read More ›

The Clinic – USA, 2017

‘How much fear can your mind endure?’ The Clinic – formerly Slumber – is a 2017 American horror mystery film written and directed by Darrell Wheat (Recovery: short: Swallowed). The Diablo Entertainment production stars Emily Bett Rickards, Chris Mulkey and Richard Harmon. When a… Read More ›

Nails – Ireland, 2017

Nails is a 2017 Irish horror film directed by Dennis Bartok, making his feature debut, from a screenplay co-written with Tom Abrams. Producers Brendan McCarthy and John McDonnell, of Fantastic Films, recent movies include Let Us Prey, The Hallow, Stitches, Wake Wood and Cherry Tree…. Read More ›

Needlestick – USA, 2015

‘Cross your heart. Hope to die.’ Needlestick is a 2015 [released 2017] American horror thriller film written, produced and directed by Steven Karageanes, making his feature debut. Veteran genre composer Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th and sequels) provided the movie’s score. Cinematographer… Read More ›

Inoperable – USA, 2016

‘In this hospital, the patients never leave…’ Inoperable is a 2016 American horror film directed by Christopher Lawrence Chapman from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Jeff Miller (ClownTown; The Burning Dead; Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan). The movie stars Danielle… Read More ›

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth – USA/Canada, 1992

‘Pinhead is back… and he brought some friends too’ Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth is a 1992 American-Canadian horror film directed by Anthony Hickox from a screenplay by Peter Atkins and Tony Randel based on characters created by Clive Barker. It stars Doug Bradley, Terry Farrell (Legion, Psychic Murders), Paula Marshall (Warlock: The Armageddon), and Kevin Bernhardt. It… Read More ›

Fear Clinic – USA, 2014

‘Face your fears’ Fear Clinic is a 2014 feature film by Robert Green Hall (Nail Gun Massacre, 2018; Laid to Rest and sequel), based upon the web series of the same name. The movie, which was partially funded through crowdsourcing, stars Robert Englund as a psychiatrist… Read More ›

It’s Alive – USA, 2008

It’s Alive is a 2008 straight-to-DVD remake of Larry Cohen’s 1974 horror film of the same name. It was directed by Josef Rusnak from a screenplay by Cohen, Paul Sopocy and James Portolese. The film stars Bijou Phillips, James Murray, Raphaël Coleman, Owen Teale, Skye Bennett and Ty Glaser. Officially released straight-to-DVD on October 6, 2009, it… Read More ›

The Vulture – UK/Canada, 1967

‘Talons of terror!’ The Vulture is a 1967 British-Canadian-American science fiction horror film written, produced and directed by Lawrence Huntington, the veteran’s final film before his death in 1968 (although his screenplay for The Oblong Box was adapted in 1969). It stars Robert Hutton, Akim… Read More ›

The Facility – UK, 2012

‘One new drug, seven volunteers, seventeen hours of hell’ The Facility is a 2012 British medical horror film written and directed by Ian Clark. It stars Aneurin Barnard, Alex Reid and Jack Doolan. A clinical trial goes terribly wrong when the drug being tested,… Read More ›

Sick Nurses – Thailand, 2007

‘Take a deep breath, this is going to hurt’ Sick Nurses – aka สวยลากไส้ or Suay Laak Sai – is a 2007 Thai supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Piraphan Laoyont and Thodsapol Siriwiwat. The movie stars Chol Wajananont and Kanya… Read More ›

Nurse Sherri – USA, 1978

‘Meet Sherri – for an evening of pleasure and terror’ is a 1978 American supernatural horror film, with possession, nurseploitation and blaxploitation themes, directed by trash movie auteur Al Adamson (Brain of Blood; Horror of the Blood Monsters); Dracula vs…. Read More ›

X-Ray aka Hospital Massacre – USA, 1981

‘You have nothing to fear… until they operate!’ X-Ray – also released as Hospital Massacre and Ward 13 – is a 1981 American slasher film directed by Boaz Davidson and produced by The Cannon Group (Schizoid, Lifeforce). The plot pits Playboy cover girl Barbi Benton against a psychopath who has been haunting her… Read More ›

Horror Hospital – UK, 1973

Horror Hospital is a 1973 British black comedy horror film directed by Antony Balch. After the success of his low-budget art/exploitation feature film debut Secrets of Sex (aka Bizarre, 1969), Balch envisioned his second film as an out-and-out horror film and one with a… Read More ›

The Exorcist – film, USA, 1973

The Exorcist is a 1973 American horror film directed by William Friedkin (The Guardian), adapted by William Peter Blatty from his 1971 novel of the same name. The book, inspired by the 1949 exorcism case of Roland Doe, deals with the demonic possession of a young girl and her mother’s desperate attempts… Read More ›