Hong Kong

The Oily Maniac (Hong Kong, 1976)

The Oily Maniac is a 1976 Hong Kong supernatural horror film directed by Meng Hua Ho (Black Magic; The Psychopath; The Mighty Peking Man) from a screenplay by Lam Chua [as Tsai Lan]. The Shaw Brothers production stars Danny Lee (Infra-Man), Ping Chen, Lily Li.  The film is… Read More ›

Evil Cat (1986)

Evil Cat – original title: 凶貓 aka Xiong mao – is a 1986 Hong Kong supernatural horror film produced and directed by Dennis Yu (The Beasts; The Imp; Sketch of a Psycho) from a screenplay by Wong Jing. It was released on… Read More ›

Ghost Eyes

Ghost Eyes – aka 鬼眼 or Gui yan or Gwai Aan – is a 1974 Hong Hong supernatural horror film directed by Chih-Hung Kuei (The Killer Snakes; Hex; Corpse Mania; The Boxer’s Omen) from a screenplay by Yun-wen Chen and Kuang Ni (Human Lanterns; The Nine Demons) for Shaw… Read More ›

Calamity of Snakes (1983)

Calamity of Snakes  – original title: Ren she da zhan – is a 1983 Hong Kong/Taiwan horror film directed by Chi Chang as William Chang Kee. It stars Lei Chang, Chung-Lien Chou, and Tung-min Huang. Plot Teaser: When a construction crew kills a large group… Read More ›