Scream – and Die! (1973)

Scream – and Die! – promoted as Scream and Die – is a 1973 British horror thriller film directed by Spanish filmmaker José Ramón Larraz [as Joseph Larraz] (Symptoms; Vampyres; Deadly Manor) from a screenplay by Derek Ford (Corruption; Don’t Open Till Christmas, The Urge… Read More ›

Tulpa (2012)

Tulpa – aka Tulpa – Perdizioni mortali – is a 2012 Italian giallo horror thriller film directed by Federico Zampaglione (Shadow) from a screenplay co-written with Giacomo Gensini, based on a story co-written with veteran Dardano Sacchetti (A Bay of Blood; Cat O’Nine Tails; The Beyond; Cannibal… Read More ›

Francesca (2015)

Francesca is a 2015 Argentinian horror thriller written and directed by Luciano Onetti and produced by Nicolas Onetti, in Italian language. The filmmaking duo also made What the Waters Left Behind and Sonno Profondo in 2013.   The film had its world premiere at the… Read More ›