Sargad – Sweden, 2017

Sargad (translation: “Wounded”) is a 2017 Swedish exploitation horror feature film directed by Andres R. Ramos from a screenplay by Sarah Giercksky, who also stars. The Bloody Fierce Productions movie also Jesper Hell, Xander Turian and Alicia Henriksson. A young woman, Elina, drives to… Read More ›

Vampire Sisters – USA, 2004

‘They’re beautiful. They’re sexy. And hungry for human blood!’ Vampire Sisters is a 2004 American horror film directed by Joe Ripple (Jebediah; Stakes) and produced by Don Dohler (director of The Galaxy Invader; Nightbeast; The Alien Factor). The Timewarp Films production stars Darla… Read More ›

Hellhole – USA, 1985

‘Captives… stripped naked, forced to submit to the ultimate experiment!’ Hellhole is a 1985 American exploitation horror film directed by Pierre De Moro from a screenplay by Aaron Butler. The Arkoff International Pictures production stars Ray Sharkey, Judy Landers, Marjoe Gortner and Mary Woronov…. Read More ›

The Monster of the Opera – Italy, 1961

The Monster of the Opera – original title: Il mostro dell’opera – is a 1961 Italian horror supernatural film directed by Renato Polselli (Black Magic Rites; Mania; Delirium) from a screenplay co-written with Ernesto Gastaldi. It stars Marco Mariani, Giuseppe Addobbati and Barbara Hawards. The film had… Read More ›

Eaten Alive! – Italy, 1980

‘Trapped in a jungle of crazy flesh eaters!’ Eaten Alive! – original title: Mangiati vivi! – is a 1980 Italian cannibal film written and directed by Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City; Eyeball; Seven Blood-Stained Orchids; et al). The story is loosely based on the Jonestown Massacre… Read More ›

The Sinful Dwarf – Denmark, 1973

‘A young bride alone with an evil dwarf’ The Sinful Dwarf – original title: Dværgen (English: “The Dwarf”) – is a 1973 Danish exploitation horror film directed by Vidal Raski (his sole film credit, so most probably a pseudonym). The film was released theatrically in the US by… Read More ›

Sid Haig – actor

Sid Haig – born Sidney Eddy Mosesian, July 14th, 1939 – is a California-born actor of American and Armenian heritage. His roles have included acting in Jack Hill’s blaxploitation films of the 1970s, films of varying budgets made by the… Read More ›

Dracula Sucks – USA, 1978

Dracula Sucks – also released as Lust at First Bite and This Vampire Sucks – is a 1978 American adult horror movie directed by Phillip Marshak from a screenplay by Daryl Marshak (Cataclysm) and David Kern, very loosely based on Bram Stoker‘s Dracula…. Read More ›

Nightmares – Australia, 1980

  ‘Screams of terror… silenced only by the splintering of glass!’ Nightmares – aka Stage Fright – is a 1980 Australian horror film, co-produced and directed by John D. Lamond from a screenplay by Colin Eggleston (Long Weekend; Innocent Prey; Cassandra). The Bernard… Read More ›

She Freak – USA, 1967

‘Behind the tents and tinsel of a monster midway something barbaric occurs on the alley of nightmares’ She Freak is a 1967 American exploitation horror film directed by Byron Mabe from a screenplay by David F. Friedman. The film is broadly… Read More ›

David Hess – actor

David Alexander Hess was an American actor, musician and songwriter, best known for his appearances in a trio of extreme horror films in the 1970s, in which he played a variety of psychotic sex criminals. Born September 19, 1936 in New… Read More ›

Devil Fetus – Hong Kong, 1983

Devil Fetus – original title Mo Tai or 魔胎 – is a 1983 Hong Kong film directed by Lau Hung Chuen (cinematographer on We’re Going to Eat You) from a screenplay by Wen-hua Cheng (Haunted Jail House; Exorcist Master) and Ging-Jiu Lo. It stars Eddie… Read More ›

Albert Kallis – artist

Albert Kallis was a professional artist who designed many film posters for American International Pictures (AIP) releases in the 1950s. Kallis’ striking designs elevated the selling of exploitation movies to a new art form in itself. Indeed, AIP’s Sam Arkoff and James… Read More ›

Snuff Trap – Italy, 2003

Snuff Trap is a 2003 Italian horror thriller feature film written and directed by Bruno Mattei [as Pierre Le Blanc] (Hell of the Living Dead; Rats: Night of Terror; Cruel Jaws; Zombies: The Beginning), with producer Giovanni Paolucci (Cannibal World; Island of the Living Dead; Dracula 3D) taking… Read More ›