The Antichrist (1974)

‘Deliver her from evil.’ The Antichrist – original title: ”L’anticristo – is a 1974 Italian supernatural horror film directed by Alberto De Martino (Formula for a Murder; Holocaust 2000; The Blancheville Monster) from a screenplay co-written with Gianfranco Clerici (The New York Ripper;… Read More ›

Our Evil (2016)

Our Evil – original title: Mal Nosso – is a Brazilian supernatural horror film written and directed by Samuel Cunha Galli. It stars Walderrama Dos Santos, Luara Pepita, Gabriela Grecco and Ademir Esteves. Sao Paulo, Brazil: An exorcist (Ademir Esteves) uses the dark web… Read More ›

Demonic Toys 2 (2010)

‘Playtime is over’ Demonic Toys 2 – aka Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons – is a 2010 American slasher horror film written and directed by former actor William Butler (writer of Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis and Rave to the Grave; Gingerdead Man… Read More ›

The Abomination (1986)

‘Tumorous parasitic beasts are nesting in the bowels of their victims… Soon, they will HATCH…’ The Abomination is a 1986 American horror film written [as Bando Glutz], produced and directed by Bret McCormick [as Max Raven] (Repligator; Children of Dracula; Highway… Read More ›

Another Evil (2016)

Another Evil is a 2016 American supernatural comedy horror film written and directed by Carson Mell. It stars Steve Zissis, Mark Proksch, Jennifer Irwin, Dax Flame, Dan Bakkedhal, Steve Little, Mariko Munro. The film debuted at the SXSW Film Festival on 12 March… Read More ›