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It Hungers (USA, 2018)

It Hungers is a 2018 American horror film edited, photographed, scored and directed by Rene Perez (Playing with Dolls and sequels; The Obsidian Curse; The Burning Dead) from a screenplay co-written with Jamie Grefe. Producer Stormi Maya (Playing with Dolls: Havoc) and… Read More ›

Monsters (China, 2015)

Monsters – aka Yi zhong and 异种 – is a 2015 Chinese horror film directed by Guo Hua from a screenplay co-written with Yung Huang and Ping Yi. It stars Liu Qing, Zhou Haodong, Wu Yanyan, Zhao Qianzi, Yu Zijian, Shang Hong, Li Wenjie and Luo Xuan. Jia Ying,… Read More ›

Jeepers Creepers 2 (USA, 2003)

‘He can taste your fear’ Jeepers Creepers 2 is a 2003 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Victor Salva (Dark House; Clownhouse). It stars Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck and Luke Edwards and is, obviously, as sequel to Salva’s Jeepers Creepers (2001). At the… Read More ›

Dead Sea (USA, 2014)

‘It’s feeding time’ Dead Sea is a 2014 American horror film written by, directed and starring Brandon Slagle (The Black Dahlia Haunting; House of Manson), alongside Alexis Iacono, Britt Griffith and Devanny Pinn. A marine biologist is thrust into the violent paranoia… Read More ›

The Cellar (USA, 1989)

‘Whatever you do, don’t go into the…’ The Cellar is a 1989 American horror film directed by Kevin S. Tenney (Brain Dead; Night of the Demons; Witchboard and sequels) from a screenplay by John Woodward, based on screen story co-written… Read More ›

The Predator (USA, 2018)

The Predator is a 2018 American science-fiction action horror film directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) and co-written by Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad; Night of the Creeps). Shane Black was an uncredited script doctor on the 1987 Predator… Read More ›

Reeker (USA, 2005)

‘If you can’t breathe, then you can’t scream.’ Reeker is a 2005 American horror film co-produced, written, scored and directed by Dave Payne (Addams Family Reunion; Alien Avengers II; Alien Terminator). It stars Devon Gummersall, Derek Richardson and Tina Illman. A… Read More ›