clown horror

The Premonition – USA, 1975

‘Beyond the power of an exorcist…’ The Premonition is a 1975 American horror film produced and directed by Robert Allen Schnitzer from a screenplay co-written with Anthony Mahon. It stars Sharon Farrell, Richard Lynch and Jeff Corey. Noted American composer Henry Mollicone provided the… Read More ›

It Kills – USA, 2018

‘Float this’ It Kills is a 2018 American slasher horror film directed by Mark Polonia (Sharkenstein; Amityville Death House; Camp Blood: First Slaughter; et al) from a screenplay by Amy Suzuki (makeup on Jurassic Prey). It stars Greta Volkova (Bigfoot… Read More ›

Drive-Thru (USA, 2007)

‘Hungry for a killer meal?’ Drive-Thru – aka Drive Thru – is a 2007 American dark comedy horror film written and directed by Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn. It stars Leighton Meester and Nicholas D’Agosto. Brandon Meeks (Edward DeRuiter), Tony (Haven Lamoureux) and… Read More ›

Haunted Maze (USA, 2017)

‘Play time is over’ Haunted Maze is a 2017 horror film written, produced and directed by Susan Engel (A Twisted Tale). It stars David Mingrino, John Beasley and Delaney Driscoll. Clancy and his carnival of misfits, roll into a sleepy mid-West town for… Read More ›