Slay Belles – USA, 2017

‘Merry Krampus’ Slay Belles is a 2017 American comedy horror directed by Dan Walker [as SpookyDan Walker] from a screenplay co-written with Jessica Luhrssen and produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (St. Agatha; 11-11-11, Tales of Halloween, Saw II). It stars Kristina Klebe,… Read More ›

The Traveler – USA, 2010

‘Where he goes, death follows’ The Traveler – aka The Traveller – is a 2010 American horror film directed by Michael Oblowitz (Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy; The Breed) from a screenplay by Joseph C. Muscat, and starring Val Kilmer and Dylan Neal. A stranger walks into a… Read More ›

Psycho Santa – USA, 2003

‘He knows when you’ve been bad or good’ Psycho Santa is a 2003 American horror anthology film written and directed by Peter Keir (Wolfika). It stars Krystal Stevenson, Jason Barnes and Jeff Samford. The synth score was provided by Steve Sessions (Zombie Pirates;… Read More ›

Holiday Fear – short, USA, 2017

‘A short horror-comedy’ Holiday Fear is a 2017 American comedy horror short film written, produced and directed by Nicholas Payne Santos. The BullMoose Pictures production stars Rebeca Robles, Ben Elder and Eric Whitten.  The synth score is by Cosmic Monster. In the final act… Read More ›

Cannibal Claus – USA, 2016

‘You’re only as good as you taste.’ Cannibal Claus is a 2016 American comedy horror film directed by Sean Donohue (Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead; Death-Scort Service; Die Die Delta Pi; Joe Vampire). The Gatorblade Films production stars Bob Glazier, Alberto Giovannelli… Read More ›