The Devil (1981)

‘Crawling horror from the depths of Hell!’ The Devil – aka Devil’s Express and original title Xie Mo – is a 1981 Hong Kong-Taiwan supernatural horror film directed by Jen-Chieh Chang from a screenplay by Po Sheng Lu [as Pak Sang Luk]. It… Read More ›

Chang Chen Ghost Stories (2016)

Chang Chen Ghost Stories – original title: 张震讲故事之合租屋 – is a 2016 Chinese romantic horror film directed by Zan Yue. The film is also known as Chang Chen Ghost Stories 2. It should not be confused with the 2015 film Chang Chen Ghost Stories: Possessed by Ghosts which… Read More ›

Nest 3D (2016)

Nest 3D is a 2016 Australian-Chinese horror film directed by Kimble Rendall (Cut; Bait 3D) from a screenplay co-written with Paul Staheli. It is also known as Nest 3D and the Search For the Venom of Eternity. The film stars Kellan… Read More ›

Witch Doctor (2016)

Witch Doctor aka Thailand’s Love – original title: 妖医 (“Demon Medicine”) – is a 2016 Chinese-Thai horror thriller film directed by Wu Zongqiang from a screenplay by Zhonglin Cai. It stars Poyd Treechada Petcharat, Patrick Tam, Lu Yulai, Meng Yao and Gao Yalin. The… Read More ›

The Unbidden (2016)

‘Living with a secret… dying for the truth’ The Unbidden is a 2016 American-Canadian-Chinese supernatural horror film directed by Quentin Lee from a screenplay by Narhee Ahn. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on April 22, 2016…. Read More ›

Evil Cat

Evil Cat – original title: 凶貓 aka Xiong mao – is a 1986 Hong Kong supernatural horror film produced and directed by Dennis Yu (The Beasts; The Imp; Sketch of a Psycho) from a screenplay by Wong Jing. It was released on… Read More ›