body horror

Summer Camp (2015)

‘Ready for some fun?’ Summer Camp is a 2015 Spanish-American horror film directed by Alberto Marini (co-executive producer of [Rec] and sequels; Sleep Tight) from a screenplay co-written with Danielle Schleif (The Condemned). It stars Diego Boneta, Jocelin Donahue, and Maiara Walsh. Four… Read More ›

The Chilling (1989)

‘They came, they thawed, they conquered…’ The Chilling is a 1989 American science fiction horror film directed by Deland Nuse (Return of the Boogeyman) and Jack A. Sunseri (producer of The Dead Pit) from a screenplay the latter co-wrote with actor Guy… Read More ›

The Night of the Virgin (2016)

The Night of the Virgin – original title: La Noche del Virgin – is a 2016 Spanish comedy horror film directed by Roberto San Sebastián, making his feature debut, from a screenplay by Guillermo Guerrero. It stars Javier Bódalo, Miriam Martín, Víctor Amilibia. Plot:… Read More ›

Replace (2016)

Replace is a Canadian-German body horror film directed by Norbert Keil (short: Twisted), making his feature debut. The screenplay was co-written with Richard Stanley (The Island of Dr. Moreau; Dust Devil; Hardware). Additional dialogue was provided by Scarlett Amaris. The film is currently in post-production…. Read More ›

Body Harvest (2016)

‘It’s not murder if it saves lives’ Body Harvest is a 2016 American independent horror film written and directed by George L. Heredia, making his feature debut. Main cast: Billy Blair (Nocturna; Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot; Mongolian Death… Read More ›

Slime City (1988)

‘A horror film with guts’ Slime City is a 1988 American comedy-horror splatter film written and directed by Greg Lamberson (Killer Rack; Dry Bones). The Psychotronic Video Guide has suggested that the budget was $50,000. Main cast: Robert Sabin (Naked Fear; Undying Love;… Read More ›

Spontaneous Combustion (1989)

Spontaneous Combustion is a 1989 American science fiction horror film directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre; Poltergeist; Lifeforce). It was written by Tobe Hooper and Howard Goldberg, based on a story by Hooper, and was produced by Jim… Read More ›