Badass Monster Killer – USA, 2015

‘Its Shaft meets Lovecraft’ Badass Monster Killer is a 2015 American comedy action horror film written and directed by Darin Wood and produced by Christy Savage. The TFO Productions film stars Jawara Duncan, Amelia Belle and Ryan Cicak. Official synopsis: “On the trashy… Read More ›

Abby – USA, 1974

‘Abby doesn’t need a man anymore… the Devil is her lover now!’ Abby is a 1974 American blaxploitation horror film about a woman who is possessed by an African sex spirit. It stars William H. Marshall, (Blacula) Terry Carter, Austin Stoker, and Carol Speed as the… Read More ›

Blacula – USA, 1972

‘Bloodsucker! Deadlier than Dracula!’ Blacula is a 1972 American horror film produced by American International Pictures (AIP). It was directed by William Crain and stars William Marshall in the title role. Blacula was released to mixed reviews in the United States, but was one of the top… Read More ›

Scream Blacula Scream – USA, 1973

‘The black prince of shadows stalks the earth again!’ Scream Blacula Scream is a 1973 American blaxploitation horror feature film directed by Bob Kelljan from a screenplay by Maurice Jules, Raymond Koenig and Joan Torres. It stars William Marshall, Don Mitchell and Pam Grier. This is… Read More ›

Bones – USA, 2001

‘This dogg’s got a bone to pick’ Bones is a 2001 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Ernest Dickerson (Demon Knight; Masters of Horror; The Walking Dead) from a screenplay by Adam Simon (Brain Dead; Carnosaur; Salem) and Tim Metcalfe (Fright… Read More ›

Sid Haig – actor

Sid Haig – born Sidney Eddy Mosesian, July 14th, 1939 – is a California-born actor of American and Armenian heritage. His roles have included acting in Jack Hill’s blaxploitation films of the 1970s, films of varying budgets made by the… Read More ›

J.D.’s Revenge – USA, 1976

J.D.’s Revenge is a 1976 American blaxploitation horror film produced and directed by Arthur Marks from a screenplay by Jaison Starkes for American International Pictures (AIP). It stars Glynn Turman, Lou Gossett and Joan Pringle.   Isaac Hendrix (Turman) is a young college student… Read More ›

Noble Johnson – actor

Noble Johnson (April 18, 1881 – January 9, 1978) was an African-American actor and film producer. He was one of the first black actors in Hollywood to achieve any meaningful level of fame and successfully navigated the transition from silent movies to talkies. Born in… Read More ›

Tales from the Hood – USA, 1995

‘Chill or be Chilled.’ Tales from the Hood is a 1995 American horror anthology feature film directed by Rusty Cundieff from a screenplay co-written with Darin Scott. It was executive produced by Spike Lee. The film presents four short African American-themed horror stories, presented within a frame story of three drug dealers… Read More ›

Vampira aka Old Dracula – UK, 1974

‘Look who’s up and at it again!’ Vampira is a 1974 British comedy horror film directed by Clive Donner (Spectre) from a screenplay by Jeremy Lloyd, co-scripter of British TV sitcoms Are You Being Served? and ‘Allo ‘Allo!. It stars David Niven, Teresa Graves and Jennie Linden. For… Read More ›

Nurse Sherri – USA, 1978

‘Meet Sherri – for an evening of pleasure and terror’ is a 1978 American supernatural horror film, with possession, nurseploitation and blaxploitation themes, directed by trash movie auteur Al Adamson (Brain of Blood; Horror of the Blood Monsters); Dracula vs…. Read More ›

X-Ray aka Hospital Massacre – USA, 1981

‘You have nothing to fear… until they operate!’ X-Ray – also released as Hospital Massacre and Ward 13 – is a 1981 American slasher film directed by Boaz Davidson and produced by The Cannon Group (Schizoid, Lifeforce). The plot pits Playboy cover girl Barbi Benton against a psychopath who has been haunting her… Read More ›

Killjoy – film series

Killjoy is an American horror film franchise created by Charles Band that focuses on the titular Killjoy, a demonic clown who is summoned to assist revenge plots in all three films, only to prove too overwhelming for each character who calls him…. Read More ›

Ganja & Hess – USA, 1973

‘Some marriages are made in Heaven, others are made in Hell!’ Ganja & Hess – also released as Blood Couple and Double Possession – is a 1973 American horror film written and directed by Bill Gunn. It stars Duane Jones, Marlene Clark and Leonard… Read More ›

The Thing with Two Heads – USA, 1972

The Thing with Two Heads is a 1972 film, starring Rosey Grier, Ray Milland and Don Marshall directed by Lee Frost, and written by Wes Bishop. Frost and Bishop also had minor roles. Some early visual effects work from Rick Baker is also featured. Milland plays Dr. Maxwell Kirshner, a… Read More ›