Cherokee Creek – USA, 2017

‘You’ll wish he kept hiding’ Cherokee Creek is a 2017 American horror film written, edited, co-produced and directed by Todd Jenkins (actor in Howlers; Ghost Note; Body Harvest; et al). It stars Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins, and Justin Armstrong. A bachelor party in… Read More ›

The Fiancé (2016)

‘Love hurts.’ The Fiancé is a 2016 American bigfoot horror film written and directed by Mark Allen Michaels (Valentine DayZ; Mind Rage) and produced by Staci Layne Wilson (Fetish Factory) and Kate Rees Davies (Altered Perception) for Firebreathing Films. Main cast: Carrie… Read More ›

Field Freak (2014)

‘He wants you out!’ Field Freak – also known as The Monster Outside – is a 2014 American horror film written and directed by Stephen Folker (The Orange Man). The movie is available on a German Blu-ray release in English. Main cast: Dave… Read More ›

Bigfoot vs Zombies (2016)

‘The battle between nature and science begins!’ Bigfoot vs Zombies is a 2016 American low budget supernatural horror film written and directed by Mark Polonia (Splatter Farm; Razorteeth; Black Mass; Amityville Death House). In the US, the film was released on… Read More ›