The Sighting – USA, 2007

‘Some things are better left unseen’ The Sighting – original title Paper Dolls and released in the UK as Black Forest – is a 2007 horror film produced and directed by David Blair and Adam Pitman (The Triangle) from a screenplay co-written with Adam Stilwell…. Read More ›

American Bigfoot – USA, 2017

‘It’s time to believe‘ American Bigfoot – formerly Kampout – is a 2017 horror action film written and directed by Glenn Martin (When Night Comes). The Buckdog Productions movie stars Zach Galligan, Braden Baker, and Lisa Baldwin. Enraged by the murder of its offspring, a… Read More ›

Cherokee Creek – USA, 2017

‘You’ll wish he kept hiding’ Cherokee Creek is a 2017 American horror film written, edited, co-produced and directed by Todd Jenkins (actor in Howlers; Ghost Note; Body Harvest; et al). It stars Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins, and Justin Armstrong. A bachelor party in… Read More ›