Lizard Man (2012)

Lizard Man – aka LizardMan – is a 2012 horror film directed by Peter Dang from a screenplay by Francis Abbey and  Steve Goldenberg. It stars Michael Harding, James Lewis and Mike Gaglio. Haunted by a terrifying incident in his past, billionaire Bill… Read More ›

Ghastlies (2016)

Ghastlies is a 2016 American comedy horror film directed by Brett Kelly (My Fair Zombie; Homicycle; Jurassic Shark) from a screenplay by Chris Bavota (shorts: Never Tear Us Apart; Attack of the Brainsucker; After Ate). The film stars Kim Valentine (Monster Pool:… Read More ›

Playing with Dolls (2015)

Playing with Dolls – aka Cinderella: Playing with Dolls – is a 2015 American slasher horror film directed by Rene Perez from a screenplay co-written with Barry Massoni. In the UK, it is released on DVD on January 16, 2017, as Leatherface. A sequel,… Read More ›

Scathing (2016)

Scathing is a 2016 American horror film written, edited and directed by Joseph A. Mazzaferro for his production company Mazz Appeal LLC. The independent film was part-funded with a Kickstarter campaign and filmed with 4K cameras. It now available for download on… Read More ›

Killbillies (2015)

‘The hills are alive with the sound of slaughter!’ Killbillies – original title: Idila (“Idyll”) – is a 2015 Slovenian horror film written and directed by Tomaz Gorkic. The film was released in  North America on DVD on October 25, 2016, by… Read More ›

Amityville: No Escape (2016)

Amityville: No Escape is a 2016 supernatural American horror film directed by Henrique Couto (Alone in the Ghost House; Haunted House on Sorority Row; Babysitter Massacre) from a screenplay by Ira Gansler (Scarewaves: segment ‘Office Case’). Main cast: Joni Durian (Halloween Spookies;… Read More ›