Australian & New Zealand horror

Sororal – Australia, 2014

‘You only hurt the ones you love.’ Sororal is a 2014 Australian neo-giallo horror film directed by Sam Barrett (Esoterica; No Through Road) from a screenplay co-written with Robbie Studsor. The movie stars Amanda Woodhams, Austin Castiglione, Nicola Bartlett and Vito de Francesco. Cassie,… Read More ›

Undead – Australia, 2003

‘Crazy has come to town for a visit’ Undead is a 2003 Australian science fiction horror comedy film written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig (Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built; Jigsaw; Daybreakers); it stars Felicity Mason, Mungo McKay and Rob Jenkins. After losing her family farm to… Read More ›

No. 46 – Australia, 2016

‘Dead isn’t always buried’ No. 46 is a 2016 Australian supernatural horror film written and directed by Ariana Kenny. The WACS Productions film stars Deborah Joyce, Gerard Holland and Sarah Ann Wiles. Elise is a young, fearful woman who moves in with her… Read More ›

3rd Night – Australia, 2017

‘Terror will come home’ 3rd Night is a 2017 Australian horror film written and directed by Adam Graveley. It stars Jesse McGinn, Robert Hartburn and Bruce Denny. A young couple decides to move to an Australian orchard surrounded by natural bushland to escape… Read More ›

The School – Australia, 2017

‘Play by the rules or die playing’ The School is a 2017 Australian supernatural horror film written and directed by Storm Ashwood, making his feature debut. It stars Nicholas Hope, Megan Drury and Texas Watterston. When a doctor looking for her missing… Read More ›