Scare Package – USA, 2018

‘What’s in the box?!’ Scare Package is a 2018 American comedy horror anthology film being produced by Austin-based genre production company Paper Street Pictures and developed by Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns, who previously collaborated on Camera Obscura, which Koontz directed… Read More ›

The Willies (USA, 1990)

‘If you’ve never had them before… You’re going to get them now…’ The Willies is an American 1990 comedy horror anthology film anthology written and directed by Brian Peck (Scuz in The Return of the Living Dead). Two brothers and their cousin gather around a campfire and… Read More ›

10.31 (USA, 2017)

‘Blood soaked tales of horror and the macabre’ 10.31 – aka 10/31 – is a 2017 American horror anthology film directed by: Brett DeJager (Cryptids; Bonejangles; The Legend of Cooley Moon) – ‘The Halloween Blizzard of ’91’ segment Rocky Gray –… Read More ›

Phobia – Italy/UK, 2017

Phobia is a 2017 British/Italian horror anthology film produced by Tony Newton (Grindsploitation: The Movie; Virus of the Dead) for Vestra Pictures and Domiziano Cristopharo (Red Krokodil; Sacrifice) for Enchanted Architect. The film delves into the horrors of an individual phobia… Read More ›

Terror Tales (USA, 2017)

Terror Tales is a 2017 American anthology horror film written, produced and directed by Jimmy Lee Combs (Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans). It stars Jennifer Runyon, Ari Lehman and Lynn Lowry. When Michael wakes up he is horrified to find that he… Read More ›