adaptation of a short story

Ghouls – Russia, 2017

Ghouls – aka Vamps; Vurdalaki and Вурдалаки – is a 2017 Russian action fantasy horror film directed by Sergei Ginzburg from a screenplay by Aleksey Karaulov, Evgeniy Kolyadintsev, Tikhon Kornev and Aleksei Timm, based on a story by Alexei Tolstoi (Mario Bava previously adapted it in… Read More ›

Dominique – UK, 1978

‘A story of the macabre… with a different twist.’ Dominique – aka Dominique is Dead – is a 1978 British horror mystery film directed by Michael Anderson (Murder By Phone; Orca) from a screenplay by Edward and Valerie Abraham. The film… Read More ›

Masque of the Red Death (1989)

Masque of the Red Death is a 1989 American horror film produced by Roger Corman, and directed by Larry Brand (Paranoia; writer of Halloween: Resurrection; Psychic Murders), starring Adrian Paul (Deadly Descent: The Abominable Snowman; Séance; The Breed) and Patrick Macnee (Transformations; Sweet Sixteen; The… Read More ›

Asylum – UK, 1972

‘You have nothing to lose but your mind.’ Asylum is a 1972 British anthology horror film directed by Roy Ward Baker (The Vault of Horror; Scars of Dracula; Quatermass and The Pit) from a screenplay by author Robert Bloch, adapted four of his… Read More ›

Lurking Fear – USA, 1994

  ‘Infinite evil’ Lurking Fear – aka H.P. Lovecraft’s Lurking Fear – is a 1994 American supernatural horror film, loosely based on the H. P. Lovecraft short story “The Lurking Fear”. It was produced by Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment and written… Read More ›