Dark Vale – UK, 2017

‘She’s waiting for you’ Dark Vale is a 2017 British supernatural horror film written and directed by Jason M.J. Brown (Dead Girl Walking; City of Decay); it stars Cara Middleton, Ciara A. Lyons and Darren Whitfield. While exploring the ancient ruins of a… Read More ›

The Plan – Italy, 2017

The Plan is a 2017 Italian found footage supernatural horror film directed by Paolo Dematteis from a screenplay by Giulio Ortolani. The P.I.T. production was produced by Christian Valinotti and Debora Bedino; it stars Biancamaria Botta, Giulio Maria Cavallini and Michela Hickox. Five… Read More ›

Paralytic – USA, 2017

‘Sweet dreams’ Paralytic – original title: The Figment – is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by David W. Keffer (Ghost Game). It stars Lauren Parkinson, Jacob Cormier and Ericka Atwell. Buying the house was supposed to be a dream come true…. Read More ›

Slay Belles – USA, 2017

‘Merry Krampus’ Slay Belles is a 2017 American comedy horror directed by Dan Walker [as SpookyDan Walker] from a screenplay co-written with Jessica Luhrssen and produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (St. Agatha; 11-11-11, Tales of Halloween, Saw II). It stars Kristina Klebe,… Read More ›

The Maus – Spain, 2017

The Maus – aka – Maus is a 2017 fantasy horror feature film written and directed by Yayo Herrero [as Gerardo Herrero Pereda]. It stars August Wittgenstein, Alma Terzic and Ella Jazz. Alex and Selma are a couple in love on a trip… Read More ›

The Blair Witch Legacy – USA, 2017

The Blair Witch Legacy is a 2018 American fan made found footage supernatural horror film written and directed by Jason Hawkins. The Gravestone Entertainment production stars Samantha Marie Cook, Cody Epling and Jason Reynolds. In 1999 a single movie changed the course of… Read More ›

Blood Prism – USA, 2017

‘Hear the voices. Obey the prism.’ Blood Prism is a 2017 American horror film directed by Len Kabasinski (Skull Forest; Curse of the Wolf; Fist of the Vampire; Swamp Zombies; et al) from a screenplay co-written with Alicia Seguin. The… Read More ›

The Inhabitant – Chile/Mexico, 2017

The Inhabitant – original title: El habitante – is a 2017 Chilean/Mexican supernatural horror film written and directed by Guillermo Amoedo (screenwriter on Knock Knock; The Green Inferno); it stars María Evoli, Vanesa Restrepo and Carla Adell. One night, three edgy sisters break… Read More ›

Depraved – USA, 2017

‘And seven years after that dead child is buried it digs its way out… An abomination.’ Depraved is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by Lawrence Riggins (Deathumentary). It stars Jae Head, Lauren Compton, Boyd Kestner A demonic creature not… Read More ›

Hex – UK, 2017

Hex is a 2017 British folk horror drama film written and directed by George Popov and Jonathan Russell. It stars Tony Broadbent, Suzie Frances Garton and Daniel Oldroyd. During the English Civil War, two opposing soldiers find themselves trapped in a forest controlled… Read More ›

Tempus Tormentum – Canada, 2017

‘Every dead thing has thoughts.’ Tempus Tormentum is a 2017 Canadian horror thriller film written and directed by James Rewucki (Aegri Somnia). The Absurd Machine Films production stars Tyhr Trubiak, Dr. Rage, Darren Johnston and Paul McWhinney. Mr. Mouse (Tyhr Trubiak), an unlucky drifter… Read More ›

Mary Shelley – USA/UK/Luxembourg, 2017

Mary Shelley is a 2017 American/British/Luxembourg romantic drama film that references the science fiction and horror genres, directed by Haifaa al-Mansour from a screenplay by Emma Jensen. The film stars Elle Fanning, Maisie Williams, Douglas Booth, Bel Powley, and Ben Hardy. Explores writer Mary Shelley’s first love and romantic… Read More ›

Evil Bong 666 – USA, 2017

‘When there’s no more room in Hell, the stoned shall walk the Earth!’ Evil Bong 666 is a 2017 American comedy horror film directed by Charles Band from a screenplay by Kent Roudebush, based on a storyline by Band and Brockton McKinney. It stars Mindy… Read More ›

Dead List – USA, 2017

‘Pray you’re not on it.’ Dead List is a 2017 American comedy horror anthology film written and directed by Holden Andrews (segments: ‘Zander’, ‘Kush’), Ivan Asen (segment ‘Scott’), and Victor Mathieu (segments: ‘Jason’ and ‘Bob’). Calvin (Deane Sullivan) is competing with five… Read More ›

The Toybox – USA, 2018

‘Vacations can be deadly’ The Toybox – aka The Toy Box – is a 2018 supernatural American horror film directed by Tom Nagel (ClownTown) from a screenplay by Jeff Denton, based on a storyline by Tom Nagel, Jeff Denton, Brian Nagel… Read More ›

Cartel 2045 – USA, 2017

‘One last mission. Retrieve the asset. Go back to your family.’ Cartel 2045 – aka Juarez 2045 – is a 2017 science fiction action film written and directed by Chris Le, and starring Danny Trejo (Dead in Tombstone; Voodoo Possession; The Devil’s Rejects)… Read More ›

Rave Party Massacre – USA, 2017

‘When the beats stop… the horror begins’ Rave Party Massacre – formerly DeadThirsty – is a 2017 American horror film directed by Jason Winn from a screenplay by Jonathan W. Hickman and Maggie D. Hickman, base don Winn’s storyline. Sara Bess, Evan Taylor Williams… Read More ›

Prodigy – USA, 2017

‘What do you see? Prodigy is a 2017 American science fiction paranormal thriller written and directed by Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal. It stars Richard Neil, Savannah Liles, Jolene Anderson, and Emilio Palame. A psychologist engages a dangerous, young genius… Read More ›

The Final Exit – India, 2017

‘Sometimes what you see others don’t…’ The Final Exit is a 2017 Indian Hindi horror film written and directed by Dhwanil Mehta and produced by Vishal Rana and Mrunal Jhaveri. The Mars Entertainment Group production stars Kunaal Roy Kapur, Archana Shastry, Elena Kazan, Reyhna Malhotra and Scarlett… Read More ›

Monkey Farm – USA, 2017

‘Some stories should never be told’ Monkey Farm is a 2017 American found footage horror film written and directed by Ian Messenger (Friday the 13th: Legacy; Fireside Tales; The Hog). It stars Zach Etter, Justin Celani, and Acacia Makarewicz. ‘An exploration of what… Read More ›

Followers aka Followed – USA, 2017

‘Beware what you share…’ Followers – aka Followed – is a 2017 American found footage horror thriller film directed by Ryan Justice. It stars Amanda Delaney, Justin Maina, Sean Michael Gloria, and Nishant Gogna. Brooke (Amanda Delaney) and Caleb (Justin Maina), a social media celebrity couple, are… Read More ›

The Manor – USA, 2017

The Manor – formerly Anders Manor – is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by Jonathan Schermerhorn from a screenplay by Mike Messier, Tom DeNucci, Matt O’Conner, and Glenn Jeffery. Christina Robinson, Kevin Nash and Godsmack frontman Sully Erna star. Speaking during… Read More ›

12:06 Rumah Kucing – Indonesia, 2017

12:06 Rumah Kucing – “12:06 House Cat” – is a 2017 Indonesian supernatural horror film directed by Chiska Doppert from a screenplay by Hotnida Harahap. It stars Masayu Anastasia, Endy Arfian, and Christian Loho. A pet cat becomes a household horror when it transforms into… Read More ›

Cain Hill – UK, 2017

‘They should have stayed away’ Cain Hill is a 2017 British supernatural horror film directed by Gene Fallaize from a screenplay co-written with Tony Cook (also in the cast), Michael James Dean and Phill Martin. It stars Gemma Atkinson, Michael Parr, and Alex Zane…. Read More ›

Bloodthirsty Evil Queen – China, 2017

Bloodthirsty Evil Queen – original title: 嗜血妖姬之末日少女 – is a 2017 Chinese comedy horror film. We are currently unable to find any further information regarding this movie at present but here is the trailer. HORRORPEDIA on social media: Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter

Caught – UK, 2017

‘Terror has arrived’ Caught is a 2017 British science fiction horror film directed by Jamie Patterson from a screenplay by Dave Allsop and Alex Francis. The film was produced by Christina O’Shea-Daly, Jeremy Davis and Alex Francis. It stars Mickey Sumner, April Pearson, Cian… Read More ›

Close Calls – USA, 2017

‘Poor Morgan. Grounded and alone. With no one to talk to except herself… And the phone.’ Close Calls is a 2017 American horror thriller film written, produced and directed by Richard Stringham (executive producer of 10/31). It stars Jordan Phipps, Greg Fallon, and… Read More ›

Hallucinogen – USA, 2017

‘Take a pill, see what haunts you.’ Hallucinogen is a 2017 horror film written and directed by Susannah O’Brien (Klowns; The Doll; Encounter). It stars David Gallagher, Mindy Robinson, Steve Wilder College kids rent a house that keeps them up at night with strange… Read More ›