Party Bus to Hell (2017)

‘Ride or die!’ Party Bus to Hell is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky (The Black Room; Nightmare Man; There’s Nothing Out There) from a story by producers Sonny and Michael Mahal. It stars Tara Reid,… Read More ›

5-Headed Shark Attack (2017)

‘You can’t survive the five!’ 5-Headed Shark Attack is a 2017 American action horror film directed by Christopher Ray (Mega Shark vs. Kolossus; 3 and 2-Headed Shark Attack; Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus). A beautiful island is home to thousands of species… Read More ›

BnB Hell (2017)

‘Bed. Breakfast. Death.’ BnB Hell is a 2017 American horror film directed by Andrew Jordan from a screenplay co-written with Andrea Harrison. It stars Kimberly Woods, Carol Stanzione and Rudy Dobrey. A young woman’s hunt for her missing sister ends… Read More ›

Gray Matter (2017)

‘Earth’s time is running out’ Gray Matter is a 2017 Canadian science fiction horror film written and directed by Greg A. Sager (Kingdom Come; The Devil in Me). The Matchbox Pictures production stars Alys Crocker, Tara Elizabeth and Michael G. Wilmot…. Read More ›

The Island of the Dolls (2017)

The Island of the Dolls  is a 2017 British-Ecuadorian-Mexican horror film directed by Sebastian Mantilla from a screenplay by Emma Raine Walker. It stars the latter, plus Isela Vega, Fernando Gaviria and Paul Alayo. Emily (Emma Raine Walker), a British journalist, has been… Read More ›

The Changeover (2017)

The Changeover is a 2017 British-New Zealand supernatural fantasy horror film directed by Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie from a screenplay by the latter, based on Margaret Mahy’s novel. The Firefly Films production stars Melanie Lynskey, Lucy Lawless, Timothy Spall (The Enfield Haunting;… Read More ›

The School (2017)

‘Play by the rules or die playing’ The School is a 2017 Australian supernatural horror film written and directed by Storm Ashwood, making his feature debut. It stars Nicholas Hope, Megan Drury and Texas Watterston. When a doctor looking for her missing… Read More ›