Blood Widow – USA, 2014

‘Die in silence’ Blood Widow is a 2014 American horror film directed by Jeremiah Buckhalt from a screenplay by Chad Coup and Ian H. Davis. The movie stars Danielle Lilley (The Incubus), Brandon Kyle Peters, Christopher de Padua, Jose Miguel Vasquez, Emily Cutting (Rockabilly Zombie… Read More ›

The Meat Puppet – USA, 2012

‘Some men are too controlling’ The Meat Puppet is a 2012 American horror thriller photographed, edited and directed by Joe Valenti from a screenplay by Billy Pepitone and Joseph Pepitone, based on a storyline by Keith Collins. The latter stars, alongside Geri… Read More ›

Open 24/7 – France, 2010

‘Claudine runs an all-night diner, cannibals, witches and killers welcome!’ Open 24/7 – original title: Ouvert 24/7 – is a 2010 French dark comedy horror film directed by Thierry Paya from a screenplay by Colin Vettier.  It stars Maud Galet-Lalande, Stéphanie Kern-Siebering and Marie-Pierre Vincent…. Read More ›

Blood Junkie – USA, 2010

‘A harmless trip finds harm’s way…’ Blood Junkie is a 2010 American horror film written and directed by Drew Rosas (Billy Club). The Surgery Room production stars Nick Sommer, Mike Johnson, and Sarah Luther. High school senior Laura Mills’ parents are gone… Read More ›

The Craving – USA, 2011

‘If you are what you eat, then Chef Ronnie is all woman!’ The Craving is a 2011 comedy horror film written and directed by Valerie R. Castro. It stars Mariel Ala Mode, Velocity Chyaldd, and Anna Curtis. Chef Ronnie is a charming celebrity… Read More ›