Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! (2006)

‘Don’t expect Easter eggs…’ Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is a 2006 horror thriller film written and directed by Chad Ferrin (Tales from the Crapper; The Ghouls; Unspeakable). It stars Timothy Muskatell, Ricardo Gray and Charlotte Marie. Review: This low budget shocker… Read More ›

Semum (2008)

Semum is a 2008 Turkish supernatural horror film written and directed by Hasan Karacadağ (Vampiria; D@bbe and its sequels; Magi). It stars Ayça Inci, Burak Hakki and Cem Kurtoglu. Twenty-seven-year-old Canan (Ayça İnci) and her husband Volkan (Burak Hakkı) have just moved into… Read More ›

Asylum of the Damned/Hellborn (2003)

Asylum of the Damned – also known as Hellborn and Satan – is a 2003 American supernatural horror film written by Matt McCombs, directed by Philip J. Jones and starring Bruce Payne, Matt Stasi, Tracy Scoggins, Julia Lee, Tom Lister, Jr., Bill McKinney, and Kyle T. Heffner. A young psychology student,… Read More ›

Altered Species aka Rodentz (2001)

‘They’re everywhere!’ Altered Species – aka Rodentz – is a 2001 American horror film written and directed by Miles Feldman [Serge Rodnunsky] (Black Cat, The Dead of Night, Blade of the Vampire). The film stars Allen Lee Haff (Deep Freeze), Leah Rowan, Guy Veig, Robert Broughton,… Read More ›