Infested – USA, 2002

‘Invasion of the killer bugs’ Infested is a 2002 American science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Josh Olson (writer of animated Batman: Gotham Knight and David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence). The movie stars Zach Galligan, Lisa Ann Hadley, Daniel… Read More ›

I Sell the Dead – USA, 2008

‘Never trust a corpse’ I Sell the Dead is a 2008 American comedy horror feature film about grave-robbing written, edited and directed by Irish-born Glenn McQuaid (V/H/S). The Glass Eye Pix movie stars Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman, Larry Fessenden and Angus… Read More ›

Hobgoblins 2 – USA, 2009

‘Don’t say we didn’t warn you!’ Hobgoblins 2 is a 2009 American science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Rick Sloane (Blood Theatre). The movie stars Josh Mills, Sabrina Bolin, Jason Buuck, Jordana Berliner, Josh Green and Chanel Ryan. A belated… Read More ›

Celeste Yarnall – actress

Celeste Yarnall – 26 July 1944 to 7 October 2018 – was an American actress who started her career on television before moving to the big screen. Celeste’s TV appearances included Bewitched (1966), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1966), the Star Trek episode ‘The Apple’ (1967) and Land of… Read More ›

Autopsy – USA, 2008

‘Evil cuts both ways.’ Autopsy is a 2008 American horror feature film directed by Adam Gierasch (Tales of Halloween segment; Fractured; Night of the Demons; plus many horror screenplays). The movie stars Jessica Lowndes, Ross Cohn, Ross McCall, Ashley Schneider and Robert Patrick. Five friends enjoy… Read More ›

Eat Me! – USA, 2009

‘Sometimes you get the munchies… sometimes they get you!’ Eat Me! is a 2009 American comedy horror feature film directed by directed by Katie Carman from a screenplay by Elizabeth Lee who also stars. The Cold Hands Productions movie also… Read More ›

The Haunting of Molly Hartley – USA, 2008

‘Her past is yet to come’ The Haunting of Molly Hartley is a 2008 American supernatural horror feature film directed by Mickey Liddell from a screenplay by John Travis and Rebecca Sonnenshine. The Liddell Entertainment production stars Haley Bennett, Chace Crawford, AnnaLynne McCord, and Jake Weber. After… Read More ›

When a Stranger Calls – USA, 2006

‘Whatever you do, don’t answer the phone.’ When a Stranger Calls is a 2006 American horror feature film directed by Simon West from a screenplay by Jake Wade Wall (Devil’s Backbone, Texas; Cabin Fever 3; Amusement). The movie stars Camilla Belle, Brian Geraghty and Katie Cassidy…. Read More ›

Popobawa – folklore

The Popobawa (or Popo Bawa) is a mythical cryptid originating in Eastern Africa, specifically in and around the Tanzanian area. Popobawa is an alleged evil shape-shifting being which is said by witnesses to take both human and bat-like form, causing… Read More ›

Platoon of the Dead – USA, 2009

‘The ultimate axis of evil… dead!’ Platoon of the Dead is a 2009 American science fiction horror feature film directed by John Bowker (Twisted Illusions 2; Werewolf Tales; The Evilmaker and sequel; et al). The Pipedreams Entertainment production stars Ariauna Albright, Tom Stedham, Chris Keown… Read More ›

Margot Kidder – actress

Margot Kidder (October 17, 1948 – May 13, 2018), born as Margaret Ruth Kidder, was a Canadian American actress. She is best known as Lois Lane in the Superman film series, playing alongside Christopher Reeve. Kidder began her career in the 1960s appearing in low-budget Canadian… Read More ›

Scare Zone – USA, 2009

‘No one can hear you scream… if they’re screaming too.’ Scare Zone is a 2009 American slasher horror film written and directed by Jon Binkowski (ReVisitant; The Visitant); it stars Arian Ash, Chris Burns, Neil Brown Jr. and Simon Needham. Scare Zone is… Read More ›

Vampire Sisters – USA, 2004

‘They’re beautiful. They’re sexy. And hungry for human blood!’ Vampire Sisters is a 2004 American horror film directed by Joe Ripple (Jebediah; Stakes) and produced by Don Dohler (director of The Galaxy Invader; Nightbeast; The Alien Factor). The Timewarp Films production stars Darla… Read More ›

Dagon – Spain, 2001

Dagon is a 2001 Spanish horror feature film directed by Stuart Gordon (The Dentist; From Beyond; Re-Animator; et al) from a screenplay by Dennis Paoli. Despite the title, the plot is actually based on H. P. Lovecraft‘s novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1932) rather than on his earlier short… Read More ›

Wendigo – USA, 2001

Wendigo is a 2001 American horror film written, edited and directed by Larry Fessenden (Depraved; Beneath; Habit); it stars starring Patricia Clarkson, Jake Weber, Erik Per Sullivan, and John Speredakos. George (Jake Weber) is a professional photographer with a Manhattan advertising agency. Needing some time… Read More ›

The Tripper – USA, 2006

‘Move over, Jason. Look out, Freddie. Heeere’s Ronnie!’ The Tripper is a 2006 American comedy horror slasher feature film produced and directed by David Arquette from a screenplay co-written with Joe Harris (Darkness Falls); it stars Jaime King, Thomas Jane and Lukas Haas. North California: A group… Read More ›

Vampegeddon – USA, 2009

Vampegeddon is a 2009 American vampire horror film directed by Jeffrey Alan Miller from a screenplay by David C. Hayes (Roller Boogie Massacre; Shower of Blood; Blood Orgy of the Damned; et al); it stars Jacqueline Smith, Katherine Von Forelle, and Josh Bingenheimer…. Read More ›

Musallat “Haunted” – Turkey, 2007

Musallat – translation: “Haunted” – is a 2007 Turkish supernatural horror film directed by Alper Mestçi (Üç Harfliler: Beddua; Siccîn franchise; Üç Harfliler 3: Karabüyü) from a screenplay co-written with Güray Ölgü (Gen); it stars Burak Özçivit, Biğkem Karavus, and Kurtuluş Şakirağaoğlu. Mestçi directed a sequel, Musallat 2: Lanet, in… Read More ›

The Janitor – USA, 2003

‘An epic of custodial proportions’ The Janitor is a 2003 comedy horror feature film written and directed by TJ Nordaker and Andy Signore. The latter stars, alongside Bruce Cronander, and Crystal LeBard. Lionel is a custodian that longs for more. Bombarded with… Read More ›

Slaughtered – Australia, 2008

‘Everyone’s getting slaughtered in the pub tonight!’ Slaughtered – original title: Schooner of Blood – is a 2008 Australian slasher horror film written, produced and directed by Kate Glover (co-producer of I Am Not a Serial Killer; 47 Meters Down). It… Read More ›

Wind Chill – USA, 2007

‘There are worse things than dying.’ Wind Chill is a 2007 horror thriller film directed by Gregory Jacobs from a screenplay by Joe Gangemi and Steven A. Katz. It stars Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes and Martin Donovan. A female student (“the girl”) at a Pennsylvania university… Read More ›

Abe’s Tomb – USA, 2006

Abe’s Tomb aka Abe’s Tomb: The Movie is a 2006 [released 2007] American supernatural vampire horror film written, produced, photographed and directed by Carl R. Merritt (his only credit); it stars Lisa Adore, Bonnie Albertini and Ray Basham. Moore’s Lake: a small town… Read More ›

GoatSucker – USA, 2009

GoatSucker is a 2009 American horror film written, co-produced and directed by Steve Hudgins (It Lives in the Attic; The Caretakers; Spirit Stalkers; Hell Is Full; et al). The Big Biting Pig Production stars Randy Hardesty, Kim Welsh and Neil Vowels. Capitalizing… Read More ›

The Sighting – USA, 2007

‘Some things are better left unseen’ The Sighting – original title Paper Dolls and released in the UK as Black Forest – is a 2007 horror film produced and directed by David Blair and Adam Pitman (The Triangle) from a screenplay co-written with Adam Stilwell…. Read More ›

Psycho Santa – USA, 2003

‘He knows when you’ve been bad or good’ Psycho Santa is a 2003 American horror anthology film written and directed by Peter Keir (Wolfika). It stars Krystal Stevenson, Jason Barnes and Jeff Samford. The synth score was provided by Steve Sessions (Zombie Pirates;… Read More ›

The Skeleton Key – USA/Germany, 2005

The Skeleton Key is a 2005 American/German horror film co-produced and directed by Iain Softley from a screenplay by Ehren Kruger (The Ring). It stars Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, John Hurt, and Peter Sarsgaard. Caroline Ellis, a hospice aide, is hired as the caretaker of an isolated plantation… Read More ›