Mama Dracula (1979)

Mama Dracula is a 1979 [released 19 November 1980] Belgian-French film produced, directed and co-written by Boris Szulzinger. The screenplay was co-written with Pierre Sterckx and Marc-Henri Wajnberg. It stars Louise Fletcher, Maria Schneider and Jimmy Shuman. Mama Dracula, a character based… Read More ›

Blood Beach (1980)

‘Just when it’s safe to go back in the water …you can’t get across the beach!’ Blood Beach is a 1980 American horror film written and directed by Jeffrey Bloom (Flowers in the Attic; scripter of Nightmares 1983, segment “Night of the Rat”). The film stars David… Read More ›

Skinned Alive (1989)

‘Unhinged! Insane! Totally out of control!’ Skinned Alive is a 1989 [released 1990] American comedy horror film written, co-edited and directed by John Killough (writer of Galaxy of the Dinosaurs). It stars Mary Jackson, Scott Spiegel (director of Intruder; co-writer of Evil… Read More ›

Sole Survivor (1983)

Sole Survivor is a 1983 American horror film written and directed by Thom Eberhardt (Night of the Comet), making his feature film debut. It stars Anita Skinner, Ken Johnson and Robin Davidson. TV commercial producer Denise (Anita Skinner) emerges unscathed as the sole… Read More ›