Prime Evil – USA, 1988

‘A terrifying force that cannot be resisted is here’ Prime Evil is a 1988 American supernatural horror film directed by Roberta Findlay (Lurkers; Blood Sisters; The Oracle; Snuff) from a screenplay by Ed Kelleher (Voodoo Dolls; Shriek of the Mutilated;… Read More ›

Satanic Attraction – Brazil, 1989

Satanic Attraction – original title: Atração Satânica – is a 1989 Brazilian supernatural horror film directed by Fauzi Mansur (Ritual of Death) from a screenplay co-written with Filipe Grecco; it stars Ênio Gonçalves, Gabriela Toscano and André Loureiro. Disc jockey Fernanda (Gabriela Toscano) presents a… Read More ›

The American Scream – USA, 1988

‘It’s a tradition’ The American Scream is a 1988 American comedy horror film written and directed by Mitchell Linden (his sole feature). The movie stars Pons Maar, Jennifer Darling and Matthew Borlenghi. Everybody’s average family: Two unmanageable teens, a stress riddled, bumbling father,… Read More ›

Video Violence – USA, 1987

‘ …When renting is not enough!!’ Video violence is a 1987 American horror film directed by Gary P. Cohen from a screenplay co-written with Paul Kaye. It stars Gary Schwartz, Chick Kaplan and Robin Leeds. Writer/director Gary P. Cohen conceived the idea for the film… Read More ›

Hollowgate – USA, 1988

‘When Mark Walters throws a party… even Freddy and Jason wouldn’t dare to come!’ Hollowgate – promoted as Hollow Gate – is a 1988 American slasher horror film written and directed by Ray Di Zazzo, his only feature. It stars Addison Randall, Katrina Alexy,… Read More ›