The Ghost Breakers – USA, 1940

‘Love and laughter with’ The Ghost Breakers is a 1940 American comedy horror film directed by George Marshall and starring Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard and Richard Carlson. The Paramount film was adapted by Walter DeLeon from the 1909 play ‘The Ghost Breaker’ by Paul Dickey and Charles W. Goddard. It was… Read More ›

Fog Island – USA, 1945

Fog Island is a 1945 American mystery-suspense film with horror overtones directed by Terry O. Morse from a screenplay by Pierre Gendron, based on the 1937 play Angel Island by Bernadine Angus. It stars George Zucco, Lionel Atwill, and Jerome Cowan. In 1956, Terry O. Morse directed… Read More ›

House of Dracula – USA, 1945

House of Dracula is a 1945 American horror film released by Universal Pictures. It is a direct sequel to House of Frankenstein, and continued the theme of combining the studio’s three most popular monsters: Frankenstein’s monster (Glenn Strange), Count Dracula (John Carradine), and the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.). The… Read More ›

Zombies on Broadway – USA, 1945

‘Cursed by a voodoo hoodoo on a howling zombie hunt!’ Zombies on Broadway is a 1945 American horror comedy film directed by Gordon Douglas (Them!; Spooky Hooky) from a screenplay by Robert Kent and Lawrence Kimble. The film stars RKO’s Abbott and Costello imitators, Alan… Read More ›

The Mad Ghoul – USA, 194

‘A new sensation in horror!’ The Mad Ghoul is a 1943 American science fiction horror film directed by James P. Hogan (his last film, before he died of a heart attack, aged 53) from a screenplay by Paul Gangelin and Brenda Weisberg. The Universal production stars Turhan… Read More ›