What is Horrorpedia?

The Horrorpedia website is a unique way of exploring the world of horror, sci-fi and fantasy culture via the internet. We post information-based entries related to all significant horror-themed culture — mostly movies because they are the obvious way that people experience horror — but also for horror culture in the wider sense, including:

What is there for visitors to this website?

We often use Wikipedia for the initial information for our entries (available for all to share and remix under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License), hence the name Horrorpedia. Then we add lots more additional information, masses of images, links to reviews online and from books and printed media, plus a growing number of our own Horrorpedia reviews and comments.

Surely I can look things up on the web myself?

Yes, but the advantage of Horrorpedia is that there is lots of information, a range of reviews, trailers and teasers, and masses and masses of fantastic images all in one convenient location, with relevant review links provided without you having to search further. The site offers clear and uncluttered layout and convenience amidst the internet information blitz.

Plus, the vast number of entries and links means that you can find out about lots more horror culture in a few easy clicks. We’ve done lots of the work for you and it’s all databased, so easy to use on a tablet or mobile device without searching and searching.

Anything else? I’m not convinced…

Horrorpedia includes a growing number of our own reviews, masses of amazing images, trailers and teasers, plus links to whole movies in the public domain. Links to selected reviews of films, DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases from the world’s most informed reviewers (whether they be from internationally recognised publications such as Variety or from savvy fans who run their own blogs) are also included for each movie posting and we constantly update and add more links.

How often is the site updated?

New entries and updates are usually added every day, sometimes several times a day. All previous entries on Horrorpedia are subject to continuous information updates – such as new reviews, digital downloads, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K release dates – and we love image updates.

How can I interact with the site to make it even better?

Please suggest additions or corrections to Horrorpedia and help us to make it the most useful source of info about horror films on the web.

Email us at: horrorpedia@outlook.com

Is there original content that’s just on Horrorpedia and not on other sites?

Yes, we review a growing number of selected movies and horror-related products ourselves, so please feel free to get in touch if you have something you’d like reviewed/profiled.

Our reviewers include Nicolas Barbano, David Flint (of The Reprobate website and author of  Zombie Holocaust: How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture), Will Holland, Daz Lawrence, Ben Spurling, Stephen Thrower (author of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio FulciNightmare USA: The Untold of the Exploitation Independents; Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema of Jesus Franco) and Dries Vermeulen.

There is also an expanding number of guest reviewers such as Jeff Gilbert (of Drinkin’ & Drive-In) and Dave Jackson (Mondo Exploito).

If you’d like to contribute to this website please get in touch: horrorpedia@outlook.com

Plus, there are an increasing number of themed articles on subject matter such as:

Baron Samedi and Haitian Folk Loa

A Beginner’s Guide to H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos

British Public Information Films

Cannibal Tribes in Exploitation Cinema

Charles Manson on Screen

Comics from Hell: The Horror Films That Spawned Comics

Death Rides a Horse: Horror Westerns

Dwarfs in Horror Cinema

Festive Fright Films

George Barrows & Other Animals: A Short History of Whose Inside the Gorilla Suit

Ghost trains

Horrorcore: How Hip Hop Met Horror

Jack the Ripper in Films and TV

Monty Python

The Munsters

The Mythical Demons of Hell

The Ouija Board

Scanners film series

The Synth of Fear: Horror Film Soundtracks with Synthesizer Scores

Video Nasties

Where else is Horrorpedia on the web?

We’re on Facebook, TwitterTumblr and have a growing Pinterest presence.

Plus, we now have a Horrorpedia Facebook Social Group where you can post about anything horror-related that’s on your mind, or promote your own activities (within reason).


Adrian J Smith, Horrorpedia owner and editor

Over 9.9 million website hits

Horrorpedia.com website ranking as at 8 April, 2017, according to analytics site alexa.com:

Global: Global rank icon 177,676

USA: United States Flag 79,442

Some images are copyright various owners and are used here in the spirit of publicity for all concerned, with suitable links provided, wherever possible. If you have a copyright issue with an image, please let us know by either emailing us, or adding a ‘Comment’ on the relevant posting, and it will be immediately removed.

All Wikipedia text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. All review quotes from books and magazines are attributed and quotes from online reviews are linked to their sources.

The views and/or opinions expressed by writers in individual reviews and/or comments made by visitors to this website site do not necessarily reflect the views of Adrian J Smith, the owner and editor of Horrorpedia.com. Therefore, I cannot be held accountable or legally responsible for any of the views and/or opinions expressed.



5 replies

  1. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your positive feedback.

    We’re an information site and so include links to buy DVDs from Amazon affiliates only. If you’re looking for particular hard-to-get movies I’d suggest you try eBay or Amazon resellers, for sold out discs.


  2. I love your site. Being a published horror writer, I would like to contribute articles to your site on all aspects of the genre. How do I do this, and am I permitted to include the url of my website in my posts?

  3. I think your website is fantastic and a wonderful resource for all Horror fans. I also admire all the work that is done by your team of dedicated enthusiasts. Carry on the good work and my mouse is always just a click away.

    P.S. if it is okay with you and yours I would like to save a Horrorpedia link to my diary to co-inside with the films I have watched and remembered.

    Many thanks for the excellent website.

    Rob Holmes

    • Hi Rob,

      Many thanks for your positive words and support. Please feel free to add any links you wish to Horrorpedia!



      • G’day mondozilla, how are you? New to the site, and I think it’s great. I have a question for you. Do you carry/sell DVD’s? I don’t seem to see any mention about it. If you don’t, you should. lol. I find that a lot of these type of movies are rather hard to find.

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