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The Screaming Skull – USA, 1958

The Screaming Skull is a 1958 American horror film, written and produced by John Kneubuhl (Two on a Guillotine), inspired by the short story of the same name by Francis Marion Crawford. It was directed by Alex Nicol (A*P*E; The Night God Screamed; Point of Terror), who also plays the gardener)…. Read More ›

Zombies vs. Strippers – USA, 2012

‘They want to strip your flesh!’ Zombies vs Strippers is a 2012 comedy horror film directed by Alex Nicolaou from a screenplay co-written with Nick Francomano and Kent Roudebush. It stars Circus-Szalewski, Eve Mauro and Victoria Levine. The Tough Titty is a strip club that’s… Read More ›

A*P*E – USA/South Korea, 1976

A*P*E is a 1976 monster movie. It was an American/South Korean co-production produced by Kukje Movies and the Lee Ming Film Co. (South Korea) and Worldwide Entertainment (USA) with 3-D effects. Directed by Paul Leder and featuring special effects by Park Kwang Nam, the film stars Rod Arrants, Joanna Kerns and Alex Nicol…. Read More ›

The Rake – USA, 2018

‘It will infect us all.’ The Rake is a 2018 American supernatural horror film directed by Tony Wash from a screenplay co-written with Jeremy Silva. It stars Shenae Grimes-Beech, Izabella Miko and Rachel Melvin. At a young age, Ashley and Ben witnessed the brutal… Read More ›

Don’t Look – USA, 2018

‘You should listen to your parents.’ Don’t Look is a 2018 horror film directed by Luciana Faulhaber from a screenplay co-written with Jessica Boucher and Danielle Killay. The Enuff Productions movie stars Luciana Faulhaber, Jeff Berg, Curtis K Case and Javier E. Gómez. Five New York City… Read More ›

Pay the Ghost – USA, 2015

‘Evil walks among us’ Pay the Ghost is a 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Uli Edel (Evil Never Dies; The Little Vampire; Tales from the Crypt TV series: ‘Came the Dawn’) from a screenplay by Dan Kay (Timber Falls), based on a novella… Read More ›