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R. I. P. D. (2013)

R. I. P. D. is a 2013 American 3D supernatural comedy action film directed by Robert Schwentke, based on the comic book Rest in Peace Department by Peter M. Lenkov and published by Dark Horse Entertainment. The film cost $130 million but took only $78,324,220 worldwide at the box office. Main cast: Jeff Bridges, Ryan… Read More ›

The Witching (USA, 2016)

The Witching is a 2016 American supernatural horror anthology film co-produced, edited and with a wraparound story directed by Corey Norman (The Hanover House; The Invoking 2 (segment “Natal”); producer of 60 Seconds to Die). It was produced by Ruthless Studios in… Read More ›

Index: G – R

Unless otherwise indicated, all entries are feature films G-string Horror (Charles Webb, USA, 2012) Gag (Scott W. Mckinlay, USA, 2006) Galaxy of Terror (Bruce D. Clark, USA, 1981) Gallery of Horror  (David L. Hewitt, USA, 1967) GallowWalkers (Andrew Goth, USA, 2010) Game of Jaws –… Read More ›

Worst Horror Films of All-Time

The following is an ongoing work-in-progress many more titles are still being added and there will always be more bad films being made. However, this listing is not intended to be damning; in fact some of these atrocious movies are our favourites and just because… Read More ›

Picture Mommy Dead (USA, 1966)

‘See terror catch fire!’ Picture Mommy Dead is a 1966 horror film produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon (Earth vs. The Spider; Necromancy; Empire of the Ants) from a screenplay by Robert Sherman. The film stars Don Ameche, Martha Hyer, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Susan Gordon, Maxwell Reed and Wendell… Read More ›

Books and magazines

The following horror, sci-fi and fantasy books and magazines are suggested for offline reading: 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die – Edited by Steven Jay Schneider, Cassell Illustrated, 2009 Buy: | | 150 Movies You Should Die Before You… Read More ›