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Satan’s School for Girls – USA, 1973

Satan’s School for Girls is an early example of the kitschy titling that would later bring us the likes of Satan’s Cheerleaders, and is one of the few TV movies to have been remade (in 2000, with Shannen Doherty in the lead role). The original stars Pamela Franklin as Elizabeth Sayers, a woman whose sister committed suicide under mysterious circumstances while attending Salem’s School for Girls…

Satan’s School for Girls – USA, 2000

Satan’s School for Girls is a 2000 American made-for-television occult horror film, starring Shannen Doherty (Witchslayer Gtetl), Julie Benz (Saw V), Daniel Cosgrove (They Crawl), Victoria Sanchez (Eternal; Dorian) and Kate Jackson. The film is producer Aaron Spelling’s remake of his 1973 ABC Movie of the Week. It was directed by Christopher… Read More ›