The Lighthouse – USA, 2019

The Lighthouse is a 2019 American horror feature film directed by Robert Eggers (The Witch) from a screenplay co-written with Max Eggers. The A24-New Regency-RT Features production stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.


In the 1890s, a pair of aging lighthouse keepers fight the elements, the spirits, and each other…


The Lighthouse presents a montage of gothic-horror imagery coupled with a growing sense of cabin fever and isolation, at times akin to the closed-in atmosphere of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The film’s tiny aspect ratio (1.19:1, to be exact) further adds to its sense of confinement, while its haunting sound design lends it a truly nightmare-like feel.” Serena Fischer, Bloody Disgusting

” …if the immediate, textural pleasures of the film are such that you can almost miss the deftness of its construction, the skill with which Eggers balances out his ambivalent storytelling, while still ramping through ever-escalating climaxes, can’t be overstated. There’s real artistry in keeping an audience as unsure as we remain…” Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

“The desolate, lonely environment of the island is captured beautifully in squid-ink blacks and storm-cloud greys, all shot in a boxy 4:3 ratio. There’s a vintage horror feel, both embracing conventions of the genre and defying them. Sometimes you’ll wonder if you’re watching a horror film at all. The Lighthouse leaves you dazed, terrified and elated…”Joseph Walsh, Time Out London

“There needn’t be some deeper theme or intent behind a movie like this, but The Lighthouse is an awfully trying experience to end with such a sneering shrug of the shoulders. I couldn’t shake the feeling that The Lighthouse is simply an exercise, an overeager writing class project from a guy who’s just read Sartre, Beckett, and, I dunno, Stephen King.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

“Both actors are sensational (and they work together like one), but in terms of sheer showboating power it’s Dafoe’s movie. He plays Thomas Wake, the aging “wickie,” as a knowing piece of kitsch — a crusty, bearded, limping old seaman with his pipe held upside-down and a brogue marinated in gin.” Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Cast and characters:

  • Robert Pattinson … Ephraim Winslow – The Batman; Twilight and sequels
  • Willem Dafoe … Thomas Wake
  • Valeriia Karaman … Mermaid

Technical details:

110 minutes | black and white | 1.19: 1

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