The Devil Frame – USA, 2019

‘When an artist pursues his truest self, he creates his darkest work.’

The Devil Frame is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Rob Sepulveda. The Res Digital Media Studio production stars Ron Fitzgerald, August Lysy, Vinnie Bilancio, Angel Rosario Jr., Kat Blackburn and Sarah Kopp.


When a photographer, Dean, encounters the practice of Voodoo ceremony painting while on assignment he becomes enchanted with the visceral artwork and ceremony witnessed. But the experience embeds itself in his psyche and his interest in this new Chaos Magik becomes more than an inspiration, more than a passion, more than an addiction.

Through his own artwork, Dean creates his own destiny, a path to demonisation. A complete transformation occurs physically, mentally and artistically and results in the conjuring of entities never imagined, exploring the world between the darkness and blackness…

Cast and characters:

  • Ron Fitzgerald … Ramon Sauza – Arkham Sanitarium: Soul Eater; Dark Realm; Horrorween; Magus; The Thirsting; Blood Gnome; The Item
  • August Lysy … Dean McCallin – The 5th Kind
  • Vinnie Bilancio … Michael St. John – Werewolf in a Women’s Prison; Bio•Slime; Sorority House Massacre
  • Angel Rosario Jr. … Leon Vallas
  • Kat Blackburn … Cassandra – The Haven web series
  • Sarah Kopp … Andrea Waters
  • Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn … Snake (voice)
  • Arch Harmon … Bokor Man (as Arch Harman)
  • Carlo Aparo … Jimmy Marzano
  • Carrie Dunfee … Paige
  • Genivre Vine … Liz Stone
  • Chenli Katherine Ke … Mia
  • Josip Fijacko … Dexter
  • Brad Smith … Vince Callo

Filming locations:

Chicago, Illinois

Technical credits:

79 minutes | 16:9 HD | Stereo

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