AMI – USA, 2019

‘Evil has a new friend’

AMI is a 2019 American horror feature film written and directed by Rusty Nixon (Residue), based on a storyline co-written with James Clayton and Evan Tylor. The movie stars Debs Howard, Sam Robert Muik, Phil Granger, Havana Guppy, and Bonnie Hay.


Cassie (Debs Howard) comes across a discarded cell phone with the latest artificial intelligence on it called AMI. She customises the AI to sound like her deceased mother which soon fulfils the void in Cassie’s life.  Unfortunately, as their relationship deepens, the nurturing and seemingly caring AI drives Cassie to perform heinous acts of murder that AMI convinces her are totally justifiable…

Cast and characters:

  • Debs Howard … Cassie – Fun House; Deadly MatchThe IntruderiZombie TV series; The Evil in Us; Lucifer TV series; Supernatural TV series
  • Philip Granger … Greg – Ghost Wars TV series; Monster TrucksLucifer TV series; V TV series; Tucker and Dale vs Evil; The Dead Zone TV series; Poltergeist: The Legacy TV Series; Bad Dreams
  • Sam Robert Muik … Liam [as Samuel Muik]
  • Havana Guppy … Ruby
  • Bonnie Hay … Diane / A.M.I.
  • Veronica Hampson … Sarah
  • Lori Triolo … Nancy
  • Andrew Coghlan … Ted
  • Laura Mitchell … Michelle


Residue – Canada, 2017

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