Deathcember – USA, 2019

Deathcember is a 2019 American anthology horror feature film comprised of twenty-four short films about the dark side of the festive season, by twenty-four directors from around the globe; they will deliver merry tales of Christmas terror and holiday horror, ranging from classic scares to black humour to sci-fi to splatter. Their shorts will be connected by animated sequences.

This animated frame story takes you on a wild ride through the world of a demonic Advent calendar that acts as a portal to the netherworld, with twenty-four doors that open to twenty-four different visions of Hell.

The filmmakers who will be directing the segments are: Ruggero Deodato, Lucky McKee, Trent Haaga, Julian Richards, Pollyanna McIntosh, Jason Rostovsky, Jurgen Kling, Annika Marx, Dominic Saxl, Chelsea Stardust, Remi Frechette, Andreas Marschall, Isaac Ezban, Milan Todorovic, Lazar Bodroza, Sadrac Gonzalez-Perellon, John Lynch, Ama Lea, Lee Sang-Woo, Michael Varrati, Steve De Roover, Sonia Escolano, Vivienne Vaughn, Bob Pipe, Florian Frerichs, Sam Wineman, and the duo of BJ Colangelo and Zach Schildwachter.

Deathcember is currently in production and the aim is to have the project in post-production by the end of March. A release is planned for early 2020, or possibly even by December 2019.

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