Beddua: The Curse – Turkey, 2018

Siccin Film has posted their 2018 supernatural horror production Beddua: The Curse (original title: Üç Harfliler: Beddua) on YouTube to watch free online.

Details of the film are below:

Beddua: The Curse – original title: Üç Harfliler: Beddua [“Three Letters: Curse”] – is a 2018 Turkish supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Alper Mestçi (Siccîn franchise and Musallat movies). The TME Films production stars Mustafa Dok, Beyzanur Mete and Esma Soysal.


A young girl summons a demon spirit to take revenge on her mother’s murderer.


Released in Turkey on June 15, 2018, Üç Harfliler: Beddua was a big hit, coming in second at the box office, beaten only by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


“Mestçi tries to create tension by his use of uncomfortable sound effects and exaggerated music, just as he did in Siccîn 3 […] after a point, the repetitive nightmares become boring instead of scary…” Uğur Vardan,

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