The Isle – UK, 2018

‘Their song will haunt you’

The Isle is a 2019 British supernatural horror feature film directed by Matthew Butler-Hart (short: E’gad, Zombies!) from a screenplay co-written withTori Butler-Hart. The Fizz and Ginger Films-Great Point Media production stars Conleth Hill, Alex Hassell, Fisayo Akinade and the aforementioned Tori Butler Hart.


1846: On the west coast of Scotland, a heavy storm hits, causing a ship to sink. Three survivors row through a thick early morning mist, lost and disorientated. The mist begins to clear and The Isle appears before them.

They soon discover that it is almost abandoned except for four sole residents: an old harbour man, a farmer, his niece and a young mad woman. Once rested and recovered the sailors are desperate to leave and return to the mainland, but the promised boat never appears.

One of them starts to investigate and learns of a tragedy at sea that occurred five years previously causing several young men from the island to perish. When his two shipmates meet with accidents, the myth of a ghostly siren haunting the island leads him to uncover the truth whilst he battles to save his own life…


“It evokes M. Night Shyamanlan’s The Village in more than just the period setting; whispers in the dark, half-glimpsed spectres in the woods, characters with shifty looks who’re not exactly revealing what they know […] The Isle is indebted to classic horror, but to its credit, always feels like its trying to do its own thing.” Flickering Myth

The Isle is exquisitely-wrought Gothic horror through and through, made all the more intense because of its location and the great use of detail, but also because of its exposition of the psychological too, a convention its shares with its Gothic predecessors, and part of what I mean when I refer to “sensory ambiguity”. The 405

“To create not only a successful ‘slow-burn’ style folk horror, whose pace fits almost perfectly with the very nature of its remote, grey, windy setting, but to also create a successful period piece is an incredible achievement […] for those who love haunting atmospheres, captivating stories and that little bit of the supernatural, it’s safe to say this is a film you will love!” Viva Manchester

The Isle is a quiet, understated and almost austere supernatural tale – but it’s innovative, finely-drawn and confident, telling its story at the pace and in the way it chooses. Atmospheric and rewarding, it also leaves a judicious number of questions unanswered, but it’s the richer for this: the mystery is all part of the charm.” Warped Perspective


The Isle is released in North America by Brainstorm Media in movie theaters, DVD and VOD on February 8, 2019. A British release is slated for late Spring 2019.

Cast and characters:

  • Conleth Hill … Douglas Innis
  • Alex Hassell … Oliver Gosling
  • Tori Butler-Hart … Lanthe Innis
  • Fisayo Akinade … Cailean Ferris – Girl with All the Gifts
  • Alix Wilton Regan … Korrigan MacLeod
  • Graham Butler … Jim Bickley – Penny Dreadful
  • Emma King … Persephone
  • Dickon Tyrrell … Fingal MacLeod
  • Joe Bannister … Jacob MacLeod
  • Ben Lee … Billy Innis

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