New, recent and upcoming horror releases: updated

This is a listing of just some of the horror movies to expect, or that have already been released, in 2019 and 2020. We’ll obviously be adding loads more new productions, as and when their details emerge. Plus, we’ll be adding additional plot details, artwork, teasers and trailers as soon as they are available; because that’s what we do!

In the meantime, click on the title links in the listing below to check out new and recent releases and to discover what’s coming soon (details for titles in italics are still tentative so are not yet posted on the site)…

0.0MHz – Yoo Sun-Dong, South Korea

Achoura – Talal Selhami, Morocco-France

The Addams Family – animated, Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, USA – out October 11, 2019

All Must Die – Geir Greni, Norway

American Terror Story – Terry Spears, USA

A.M.I. aka AMI – Rusty Nixon, USA

Anna 2: Freaks LinksMichael Crum, USA

Annabelle Comes Home – Gary Dauberman, USA

Antlers – Scott Cooper, USA

Aquaslash – Renard Gauthier , Canada

Are You Afraid of the Dark? – D.J. Caruso, USA

Army of the Dead – Zack Snyder, USA, 2020

AssimilateJohn Murlowski, USA

Attack of the UnknownBrandon Slagle, USA, 2019

Bannister DollHouse – Mj Dixon, UK

Bayou Tales – David DuBos, USA

Bigfoot Bachelor Party Massacre – Ryan Lightbourn, USA

Bit – Brad Michael Elmore, USA, 2019

Bite Me – Meredith Edwards, USA, 2019

Black Christmas – Sophia Takal, USA – out December 13, 2019

Blade: The Iron Cross – John Lechago, USA, 2020

BlindMarcel Walz, USA, 2019

Block Z – Mikhail Red, Philippines, 2019

Blood Craft – James Cullen Bressack, USA

Blood Curse II: Asmodeus Rises – Keiron Hollett, USA

Blood Vessel – Justin Dix, Australia

Bonejangles 2 – Brett DeJager, USA

The Boy 2 – William Brent Bell, USA

Boyz in the Wood – Ninian Doff, UK

BrightBurn – David Yarovesky, USA

Caliban – Colombia, 2019

Camp Wedding – Greg Emetaz, USA

Candy Corn – Josh Hasty, USA

Candyman – Nia DaCosta, USA, 2020

Castle Freak – Tate Steinsiek, 2019

Child’s Play – Lars Klevberg, USA

Clownado – Todd Sheets, USA

Clown Doll – Scott Jeffrey, UK


Clownery – Eros D’Antona, Italy

The Coll3tor aka The Collector 3Marcus Dunstan, USA, 2020

Color Out of Space – Richard Stanley, USA

Come to Daddy – Ant Timpson

Countdown – Justin Dec, USA – out October 25, 2019

CrawlAlexandre Aja, USA – out July 12, 2019

Critters Attack! – Bobby Miller, USA

Cry Havoc – Rene Perez, USA

The Curse of La Llorona – Michael Chaves, USA

Daniel Isn’t Real – Adam Egypt Mortimer, USA

Dark LightPadraig Reynolds, USA

The Dark WithinDavid Ryan Keith, UK

Darlin’Pollyanna McIntosh, USA

The Dawn – Brandon Slagle, USA

Dead Air – Geoff Harmer, 2019

The Dead Don’t DieJim Jarmusch, USA

Deadcon – Caryn Waechter, USA, 2019

Deathboard – Brad Twigg, USA

Deathcember – twenty-four directors, USA

Demonic Doorways – Australia, 2019

Depraved – Larry Fessenden, USA

Derleth: The Awakening – Michael Lang, USA

Doctor Sleep – Mike Flanagan, USA – out November 8, 2019

Dolls – Justin Hawkins, USA

Down aka Into the Dark: Down – Daniel Stamm, USA

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