American Conjuring aka Bind – Canada, 2016

‘She’s waiting for you’

American Conjuring – aka Bind – is a 2016 Canadian horror feature film directed by Dan Walton and Dan Zachary (The Murder Show) from a screenplay by Ken King, based on Walton’s storyline. The movie stars Eliza Faria, Sierra Pitkin, Rebecca Rifai, Haley Victoria Hunt, Deborah Finkel, Alisha-jo Penney and Brian Cook.


A family move into an abandoned orphanage and soon learn that their charming abode has a disturbing history. They also become convinced that they aren’t alone…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“If not for the end of the presentation, which does offer a nice conclusion, this movie would be brought to its knees by a plot that’s been seen way too many times and horrendous acting on all parts.” Matt Boiselle, Dread Central

” …at around the 75 minute mark, the rug is well and truly pulled from under the viewer’s feet and we’re presented with a WTF moment […] before delivering a head-scratching denouement which left me cold (not with fear – with incredulity).” Paul Worts, Fleapits and Picture Palaces

“Though not terribly original, the film is quite effectively shot and had me glued to the screen throughout. It is, however, a little over-played in parts with some weak delivery but as a whole, Bind is an entertaining watch.” Horror Cult Films

“This film isn’t bad but incredibly mediocre. I didn’t quite like most of the acting save that of the child actors and Mackenzie Mowat. If there is one thing about American Conjuring that can intrigue you right at the start, then it’s the cinematography. ” Leaky Loonage


American Conjuring is not a very good film. The acting and dialogue often feels awkward […] The film does perk up during the latter third, which has Darren Matheson alone in the house and descending into a disturbed and murderous state.” Richard Scheib, Moria


” …slow, and filled with needless scenes of bickering but once you get used to all that it’s a fairly fun time. The gore is plentiful and manic, and from what you could tell is all practical. And the ending really notches the action up, and for a little while this monster gets quite intense.” Elliott Maguire, UK Horror Scene

Cast and characters:

  • Chloe Bear … Chloe
  • Lynn Csontos … Carol
  • Natasha Davidson … Hester Corbett
  • Eliza Faria … Alyssa
  • Deborah Finkel … Donna
  • Morgan Lindsay Lane … Joan [as Morgan Pasiuk]
  • Darren Matheson … Ben
  • Mackenzie Mowat … Zoe
  • Sasha Neuhaus … Macy
  • Alisha-jo Penney … Katy
  • Sierra Pitkin … Sarah
  • Shayleigh Pruzina … Jenna
  • Nathanael Vass … Teddy
  • Dan Zachary … Guy at Party



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