Terrorgram – USA, 1988

‘When your past becomes a present… terror will reign.’

Terrorgram is a 1988 [released 1990] American horror anthology feature film produced and directed by Stephen M. Kienzle from a screenplay co-written with Donna M. Matson and Thomas Wells. The movie stars James Earl Jones (voice only), Steven Field, J.T. Wallace, Jerry Anderson and Linda Carol Toner.


Three horror stories are linked by a sinister delivery man (Steven Field): “Heroine Overdose”, “Pandora” and “Veteran’s Day”.


“Horror trilogy about revenge, with tales ranging from the absurd to the serious, and getting better each time […] The best of the tales is ‘Veteran’s Day’…” John Stanley, Creature Features

“Good gore effects and an intense J.T. Wallace in the lead role are real pluses. The debuting Stephen M. Kienzle, who co-wrote, produced and directed, has obvious affinity for horror, but attempt isn’t the same as achievement, with Terrorgram more an array of missed chalk marks than something organically sound.” Jack Sommersby, eFilmCritic

Terrorgram is not only a fun movie, but the entries are intelligent, original and memorable…” Melissa Antoinette Garza, Scared Stiff Reviews

” …three unimpressive fright featurettes. The first tale, the cleverly titled “Heroine Overdose,” is the most worthwhile, stuffed full of inside jokes on grade-Z movies […] The remaining two stories are heavy-handed and repetitious. Filmmaker Stephen Kienzle’s debt to the Nightmare on Elm Street series is obvious.” TV Guide

“Best seg: a sleazy filmmaker gets trapped in the world of his own exploitation scripts. The other two are bloody but negligible revenge-from-the-grave yarns. All start off with the receipt of a sinister package, hence a postal motif.” VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever 

Cast and characters:

  • James Earl Jones … Retribution (voice only) – Scary Movie 4; The Simpsons: Treehouse of HorrorBlood Tide; Exorcist II: The Heretic
  • Steven Field … The Delivery Man
  • J.T. Wallace … Eric Keller
  • Jerry Anderson … Alan Smythee
  • Linda Carol Toner … Angela Pandorus
  • Chris Alan … Keller’s Friend
  • Michael Andrews … Escaping Prisoner of War
  • Michael Anson … American Patrol
  • Hediye Avci … Novotny’s Sister
  • Jerry Baxter … Prisoner of War
  • Gretchen Becker … Mornel – The X-Files; Ed WoodManiac Cop 3: Badge of Silence
  • Lance Benjamin … 1st Executive
  • Bill Brinsfield … Novotny’s Father
  • Robert Campbell … American Patrol
  • Thomas B. Capp … Greg the Cameraman

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