Skinner – USA, 1993

‘He’ll get under your skin’

Skinner is a 1993 American slasher horror feature film directed by Ivan Nagy (The Hitchhiker TV series) from a screenplay by Paul Hart-Wilden (Wolf Town; Alone; Living Doll). The 5 Kidd Productions movie stars Ted Raimi, Ricki Lake, David Warshofsky and Traci Lords.

Severin Films is releasing Skinner in the USA on Blu-ray on February 19, 2019.

Special features:

  • A Touch of Scandal – Interview with Director Ivan Nagy
  • Under His Skin – Interview with Star Ted Raimi
  • Bargain Bin VHS For A Buck — Interview with Screenwriter Paul Hart-Wilden
  • Cutting Skinner – Interview with Editor Jeremy Kasten
  • Flaying Sequence Outtakes and Extended Takes
  • Trailer


Serial killer Dennis Skinner (Ted Raimi) rents an apartment in a couple’s house, Kerry (Ricki Lake) and Geoff (David Warshofsky).

At night he roams the streets with a goodie-bag filled with knives looking for victims to skin, constantly followed by the hobbling, wobbling junkie Heidi (Traci Lords) who was mutilated by him and is now looking for revenge. Dennis is attracted to Kerry and wants to show her the real him…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

” …when I was first done watching the film I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought. I actually mentioned it to some friends and called it “interesting.” But since then I’ve put it back on to re-watch certain scenes and I can’t stop thinking about it. And I want others to watch it so we can discuss it. I think that’s love. I love Skinner and I think you might too.” Chris Coffel, Bloody Disgusting

“Raimi does give a pretty good performance, even though his character just so gee-whiz-gosh-darn nice it’s hard to see him as a killer. Ricki Lake does her best with the material and costume choices. Traci Lords is… Traci Lords.” Anna McKibben, Cult Reviews

“There are many gross-out sicko scenes to keep things always disturbing. The topper was Skinner skinning a corpse. In another gross scene, our boy skins a co-worker black man (Richard Schiff ) and struts around in his skin. This is a low-budget exploitation film, with great FX work and plenty of weirdo entertainment.” Dennis Schwartz, Ozus’ World Movie Reviews

” …effective in its gruesomeness and outrageous in its delivery. Although Skinner is no hidden gem, it does have a few powerful sequences and deserves praise solely for that. I have not seen many horror movies that carry such a dense lake of morbid surroundings and it breaks the ‘happy ending’ mold.” A Slash Above…

“What the movie is more or less about is repeated scenes of Skinner stalking and killing people, and returning home later that night. If you think the gore and blood in the killings might make up for that, you are sorely mistaken. Most of the actual murders take place offscreen.” Keith Bailey, The Unknown Movies

Cast and characters:

  • Ted Raimi … Dennis Skinner
  • Ricki Lake … Kerry Tate
  • David Warshofsky … Geoff Tate
  • Richard Schiff … Eddie
  • Traci Lords … Heidi
  • Blaire Baron … Gloria
  • Roberta Eaton … Sandy
  • Christina Engelhardt … Rachel
  • Dewayne Williams … Earl
  • Time Winters … Night watchman
  • Frederika Kesten … Suzanne
  • Sara Lee Froton … Young woman

Image credits: Cult Reviews

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