The Girl on the Third Floor – USA, 2019

The Girl on the Third Floor is a 2019 American ‘old dark house’ horror feature film written and directed by Travis Stevens (producer of We Are Still Here; Starry Eyes; Big Ass Spider!), making his directorial debut. The Queensbury Pictures production stars C.M. Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Sarah Brooks and Elissa Dowling.

Don Koch (C.M. Punk ) is a failing husband who views fixing up an old house as a chance to make up for past mistakes. Meanwhile, his wife, Liz Koch (Trieste Kelly Dunn), is concerned about the renovation timeline as they have a baby on the way. As Don tears the house apart, it begins to tear him apart as well, revealing the rot behind the drywall…

Cast and the characters:

  • C.M. Punk … Don Koch – Rabid (2018)
  • Trieste Kelly Dunn … Liz Koch
  • Sarah Brooks … Sarah Yates – Dignity; Chimera
  • Elissa Dowling … Sadie – We Are Still Here
  • Karen Woditsch … Ellie Mueller
  • Travis Delgado … Milo Stone
  • Marshall Bean … Geary McCabe
  • Anish Jethmalani … Attorney Manny Bharara
  • Bishop Stevens … Patrolman Weaver
  • Tonya Kay … The Nymph

Sources: Bloody Disgusting and Entertainment Weekly

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