Door in the Woods – USA, 2017

‘Don’t go in there’

Door in the Woods is a 2017 American paranormal horror feature film written and directed by Billy Chase Goforth (Mayfly). The Rockhill Studios-Picture Movers-Anonymous production stars David Rees Snell, Jennifer Pierce Mathus,  John-Michael Fisher and  CJ Jones.


A young family is tormented by paranormal events when they find a vintage door in the woods and install it in their house. Is this just an abandoned door, or a gateway to something so dark no one sees coming?

Cast and characters:

  • David Rees Snell … Redd
  • Jennifer Pierce Mathus … Evelyn
  • John-Michael Fisher … Kane
  • CJ Jones … Uriah
  • Lauren Harper … Empusa (voice)
  • Cassie Self … Librarian
  • Mark Landon Smith … Old Man Ghost
  • Levi Hudson … Bully
  • Nikki Monney … The Bad Thing (voice)
  • Katherine Forbes … Farmer Bradford
  • Carter Moore … Young Boy / Ghost Child


Door in the Woods was shown at the Fayetteville Film Festival in 2017.

The movie is currently being distributed by Tom Cat Films / Summer Hill Entertainment.


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