You Die: Get the App, Then Die – Italy, 2018

You Die – aka You Die: Get the App, Then Die – is a 2018 Italian horror feature film co-written and co-directed by Alessandro Antonaci, Daniel Lascar and Stefano Mandalà.

The movie stars Erica Landolfi, Simone Moretto, Micol Damilano, Rocco Marazzita, Alice Piano, Simone Valentino, Carola Cudemo, Ja’Michael Darnell and Daniele Marmi.


Asia, a young student finds an app on her phone. It looks like an augmented reality game but soon she realises it’s much more than that. It’s an app that connects to the world of the dead, that allows her to see the dead through the camera of the phone.

The timer starts counting down from 24 hours and Asia’s insanely horrific experience begins. People around her struggle to believe her as she ends up facing this evil curse and fighting for her survival, all by herself…


You Die feels like half of a movie that ends abruptly because no one thought past the broad basics of clichéd horror to plot a path toward originality. It’s a watered-down recycling of The Ring, except with less intrigue, no twist, and an unsatisfactory resolution destined to frustrate anyone expecting more meat to an emaciated mystery.” Culture Crypt

” …the camera angles and use of an iPhone creates creepy jump scares that keep the audience invested. After a somewhat slow build, the movie really picks up towards the end where audience members are faced with a moral dilemma […] a hauntingly, eerie film.” Danielle Nicole

“Horror movies have not been great at finding the terror in social media. […] You Die is effective because it acknowledges how apps actually work and found a way to be scary without inventing new rules. And because the characters act like real people, so their struggle is compelling.” We Live Entertainment

Running time:

93 minutes

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