Against the Devil – Chile, 2018

Against the Devil – original title: Contra el demonio – is a 2018 Chilean supernatural horror feature film written and directed by José Miguel Zúñiga (short: Re/Evolución – Vampiros 2010). The movie stars María José Prieto, Julio Milostich, Fernanda Finsterbusch, Alonso Quintero and Solange Lackington.

After the tragic death of her eldest son in a mugging, Blanca (María José Prieto) and her family travel to the coast of Chile. Weird things happen in the new house, Blanca thinks that it is her son trying to communicate with them but the truth is much worse.

An evil spirit with a thirst for revenge is stalking them. Only the town priest can help them, but the man of the cloth is hiding a terrible secret…

Contra el demonio was released in Chile on 25 October 2018.

Cast and characters:

  • Marcelo Arismendi
  • Fernanda Finsterbusch
  • Solange Lackington
  • Julio Milostich
  • Agustín Moya
  • Silvia Novak
  • María José Prieto
  • Alonso Quintero
  • Camila Roeschmann
  • Juliana Seegers
  • Ayleen Sánchez Matus

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