The Boo – USA, 2018

The Boo is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film about “Boo Hags” written and directed by Scott McEntire. The Clever Alibi Productions movie stars Brittany Sparkles, Clayton Bowman, Christopher Leigh and Matthew R. Horton.

Clayton, a bereaved small town sheriff, and his recently widowed, estranged, sister-in-law Brittany must acknowledge the external paranormal forces they must extinguish to overcome the internal loss of their spouses…

Cast and characters:

  • Brittany Sparkles … Brooke
  • Clayton Bowman … Ronnie
  • Christopher Leigh … Olivia
  • Matthew R. Horton … Rayland
  • Laurie Pascale … Angela
  • Tom Kagy … Lucien Tipton
  • Bill Hass … Charles
  • Daniel Lee Harris … Leeallen Tipton
  • Barry Clifton … Dr. Schmidt
  • Greg Fallon … Chaplain Reynolds
  • Roland Bradfute … Hardware Clerk
  • Brennan Beams … Tommy Williams
  • Samantha Anderson … Paula Wilcox
  • Christian Neil … Funeral Director
  • Dylan Law … Funeral Assistant

Filming locations:

Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina, USA – 28 December 2016 to 31 March 2017.


The legend of the Boo Hags originally comes from South Carolina’s Gullah culture. According to the myth, Boo Hags are similar to vampires, except they steal your breath by “ridin’ you”.

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