Home Sweet Home – USA, 1981

‘Be it ever so humble, there’s no place to HIDE’

Home Sweet Home is an American 1981 slasher horror feature film directed and edited by Nettie Peña (who also worked on Dracula Sucksfrom a screenplay by Thomas Bush. It was produced by Don Edmonds (Terror on TourIlsa, She-Wolf of the SS).

The movie stars Jake Steinfeld, Vinessa Shaw, Peter De Paula, Don Edmonds, Charles Hoyes, David Mielke, Leia Naron, Lisa Rodríguez, Colette Trygg, and Sally Young.

Co-executive producer Alex Rebar was the actor who played The Incredible Melting Man and writer of To All a Goodnight (1980).

home sweet home jake steinfeld killer

The Bradley family and their friends gather at an isolated country home to celebrate Thanksgiving. But unknown to the Bradleys, they have an uninvited guest.

A giggling, PCP-addled, homicidal maniac has escaped from imprisonment to satisfy his pent-up lust for murder. And he has singled out their home for his psychopathic killing spree. One by one, the revellers will be methodically stalked and served up in the butcher’s holiday blood feast…


“It’s entertaining to watch the stereotypical bad acting, the flimsy plot and the absurd set-up and characterization going on. After everything is in place, though, the movie is just boring as hell for the final hour. The kills certainly are not very inventive. You don’t care one way or the other about a single character.” Bloody Popcorn

home swet home maria

“The guests at the Thanksgiving get-together manage to accomplish only one thing; they manage to make you hope for their demises within seconds of meeting them, and this goes triple for the mime/magician with the portable electric guitar. The dialogue is horrendous and the acting is on par with the dialogue.” Dave Sindelar, Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

“As expected, Home Sweet Home delivers a cornucopia of slasher clichés: sex, nudity, goofy characters, terrible acting (here compounded by bad dub jobs), poor logic, cars that don’t work, chauvinism, and plenty of blood. As such, it’s obviously not really good in any sense of the word, but it’s a fun little slasher in its own right.’ Oh, The Horror!


“A film with a complete lack of political correctness mixed with an abundance of mean-spirited glee is always welcome in my home. I mean, an old lady gets splattered across a windshield during the opening credits. You know that’s worth a look.” Horror Movie a Day

” …a poor script and even weaker directing and a hysterical performance from Steinfeld and with Mistake – perhaps the most annoying character in cinematic history – does sort of help Home Sweet Home become a so bad it’s almost good.” Last Road Reviews

” …the film has heart. Sure, it’s a kind of mindless and confused heart, but the acting is decent and there’s a real feeling that the filmmakers were shooting for something. Sometimes it just takes that little extra edge to make a movie work.” Retro Slashers

home sweet home guitar murder

Home Sweet Home is a truly terrible movie. It’s bad to the very core; but if you are in just the right mood and you’re an aficionado of cheese then you might get a few kicks out of this fetid stinker” Hysteria Lives

“This worthless holiday slasher builds zero suspense, due in part to one of the splatter genre’s most unsympathetic casts (need proof? Exhibit A: offkey crooner Rodríguez, and an electric guitar-playing mime vie for who can be the most irritating). Muscle stud wannabe Steinfeld clearly tries his best…and comes up with a quirky, cackling, grunting imitation of a psycho that’s neither scary nor interesting…” The Terror Trap

“The family of largely unsympathetic, barely named characters provide the meat content for the first hour, until the floor caves in for supposed ‘tension building’ […] Crappy acting abounds as people fail to react convincingly to anything and don’t seem to care about the rash of disappearances.” Vegan Voorhees

…Home Sweet Home was pretty boring and was full of stuff that we’ve seen countless times, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t some hilarious things in it. The killer himself, Jake Steinfeld, just straight up looks nuts. Not necessarily insane, but he’s got this weird afro mullet thing going on and wears a shirt made for a child.” The Wolfman Cometh

Cast and characters:

  • Jake Steinfeld … Jay Jones
  • Vinessa Shaw … Angel Bradley – Stag Night; The Hills Have Eyes
  • Peter De Paula … Mistake Bradley
  • Don Edmonds … Harold Bradley – see above
  • Charles Hoyes … Wayne – Effects; Haunted Maze; Malibu Horror Story
  • David Mielke … Scott
  • Leia Naron … Gail
  • Lisa Rodríguez … Maria
  • Colette Trygg … Jennifer
  • Sallee Young … Linda – Demented; Pandemonium
  • J. Kelly … Cop #1
  • R. Fouts … Cop #2
  • Victor Paddock … First Victim
  • Rochelle Constanten … Old Woman
  • Anne Cribbs … Witness

Alternate titles:

Slasher in the House
BloodParty – Germany

Image credits: Tapatalk

slasher in the house aka home sweet home vhs front2



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