The Mare aka DEN – short, Denmark, 2018

The Mare – original title: DEN – is a 2018 Danish horror short film written and directed by Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen (Red Lipstick, Blue Lips). Produced by Sofie Odgaard, the movie stars Alvilda Lyneborg, Ingrid-Marie Thorlacius Troelsen, Steen Stig Lommer and Mogens Holm.


In the bleak winter landscape of Denmark, two social workers find a young woman, alone in the woods. However, there is something troubling about her; she doesn’t speak and her eyes fill everyone around her with angst. As her presence start to creep into everyone around her, they start to second guess, whether taking her away from the woods, was a good idea…

Having premiered at Reykjavik Film Festival, The Mare will be screening at this year’s Nightmares Film Festival on October 19th at midnight and will also be showcased in Mexico in November for Morbido Fest.


“The archetypes created in the oldest stories told around fires on the darkest nights of the year are reflected in The Mare, and prove that they are still all together capable of working their way into our psyche. And finally, Mads Bittmann’s stunning score provides evocative accompaniment for each unexpected twist and turn as we learn the all too terrifying truth about the girl’s character.” Waylon Jordan, iHorror

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