Downward Twin aka Twinsanity – USA, 2018

‘A need for independence will throw everything off balance’

Downward Twin – aka Twinsanity is a 2018 American psychological horror thriller feature film directed by Buz Wallick from a screenplay by Julian Broudy. The movie stars Karissa Strain, Katie Strain and Yves Bright.

After their mother dies, Celeste Hart struggles to come to terms with her own identity, literally, as her mother was the only person who could ever tell Celeste apart from her identical twin, Leeann. Dealing with grief differently, Celeste begins to pull away from her sister, her partner in life and business, while dangerously unstable Leeann only smothers Celeste more.

Mere days before opening their hip new yoga studio, Celeste escapes on a self-realization yoga retreat lead by Sergio, a Yogi who’s as charming as he is spiritual. Abandoned, Leeann unravels maniacally and plots to find her twin and put an identity-bending end to Celeste’s new beginning – at any cost…

Cast and characters:

  • Karissa Strain … Celeste Hart
  • Katie Strain … Leeann Hart
  • Yves Bright … Sergio
  • Angie Everhart … Rita
  • Thaddeus Shafer … Kasch
  • Mary O’Neil … Marina
  • Matt Mercer … Jack
  • Anne Marie Howard … Grant & Sattler Realtor
  • Myles Cranford … Mr. Arnold
  • Stephanie Hyden … Pregnant Woman
  • Paige Lauren Billiot … Yoga Student

Filming locations:

Santa Barbara, California

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