Clown Motel: Spirits Arise – USA, 2019

Clown Motel: Spirits Arise is a 2019 American horror feature film written and directed by Joseph Kelly (Bloody Island; shorts: Friday The 13th: Leah; Clown Motel). The Shadow in the Dark production stars Tony Moran, Martin Klebba and Ari Lehman.


By mistake, a group of ghost hunters, coming from an old ghost town, meet a bachelorette party returning home from Las Vegas.

At Clown Motel, the two disparate groups discover if the motel is really abandoned and haunted by the souls of the clowns that once lived there…


” …Clown Motel sits alongside some of the greatest works of art that needed no budget to tell a good story. Adding to such a good story is the significant amount of gore splashing almost every frame, portraying some unique- and funny- ways for someone to be killed at the hands of an angry clown.” Stephen DeJoseph Jr., Cryptic Rock

Cast and characters:

  • Tony Moran … Frank – Death House; American Poltergeist; Halloween (1978)
  • Martin Klebba … Loco – Range 15; Mirror Mirror; Feast III
  • Ari Lehman … Pyscan – Rock Paper Dead; The Barn; Easter Sunday; ThanXgiving; Friday the 13th (1980)
  • Julie Anne Prescott … Clown Girl
  • Chalet Lizette Brannan … Silly Lilly
  • Trevor Dow … Carl
  • Joseph Kelly … Sergeant Kelly
  • Amanda Kott … Casey
  • Alyssa Leonard [as Alyssa Howell] … Shannon
  • David W. Bailey … Golden-Ager
  • Angeline Mirenda … Kristen
  • Donald Schell … Chris / Clown
  • Steven Vogel … Ian
  • Elinor Price … Brooke
  • Robert B. Oliver … Crank the Clown


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  1. The Clown Motel is an awesome landmark in beautiful Historic Tonopah, NV. I was there while Ari and the crew wrre filming the movie. Awesome people, wonderful memories!

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